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Length: Novel

Lincoln’s best friend, Sam, is getting married. Lincoln wants to be happy for him, he is happy for him, but it also means that Lincoln has to spend time with Jasper, Sam’s brother, and Lincoln hates Jasper. Jasper is a jock, where Lincoln is not, and the two of them have been at each other for years. Everyone sees it, everyone knows it, and their feud is legendary.

As co-best men, Lincoln and Jasper have to plan a bachelor party in Vegas and get through a destination wedding in Hawaii. They also have to figure out what to do with the sexual tension between them. When Lincoln figures out that Jasper has a submissive side, it doesn’t take long to get Jasper on his knees and now that’s all Lincoln can think about. But he still hates Jasper and Jasper still hates him. At least, that’s what they are telling themselves.

I have enjoyed books by both of these authors, but I was not able to settle into this book. The book overall had an unclear and fuzzy feel to it and there was a distinct lack of character and relationship development.

We are told that Lincoln and Jasper hate each other. They can’t stand to be around each other and are rude to each other at every turn, but the history that was shown between them and the reason they hated each other so intensely was too weak for me. We are told they hate each other and I felt like I just had to go along with that so they could get to the hate sex.

There is supposedly this sexual tension between them, but that didn’t come across for me either. The move from them trash talking each other to Jasper being on his knees didn’t have the transition I needed to make it believable. Then, Lincoln can’t say one word to Jasper before he leaves him there and the reason for that was weak as well.

The men then decide they have to be together again, although they still want to hate each other. Lincoln realizes that Jasper has submissive tendencies and goes about bossing him around, but there is never a discussion about what either of them want and nothing was defined and there was no framework to what was happening between them. They never treat each other well and then I was supposed to believe they were in love with each other and there was not enough given to support that.

The story is told from both Lincoln and Jasper’s points of view, but they sounded too similar to each other. The side characters blended together as well and the larger story of the wedding was not all that interesting.

There wasn’t enough depth to this story and the lack of relationship and character development were issues, making this not a good fit for me.

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