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Length: Novel

Obadiah Penuel Snod, who sometimes goes by Snod, and now reluctantly sometimes goes by Obe, has been trained his entire life by the Order to be a vampire hunter. The thing is, he’s about to learn that he doesn’t know even the first thing about the vampires he hunts. In his pursuit of vampire Francis “Frankie” Temple, the men become trapped and Obe has to surrender to every desire he has ever fought against to awaken a combined strength and save their lives. Obe is racked with guilt as the encounter opened up impure thoughts that will surely drive him out of the Order. But a bond has been created and Obe can’t get enough of all the pleasure that Frankie can ignite in him.

Frankie never wanted to be a vampire and was turned against his will. He still doesn’t want to be immortal and, if he could change it, he would. He does have feelings, however, and he knows that Obe is going through a lot, and with Frankie being the first man Obe has been with, Frankie is sure Obe won’t stay around long. But Frankie doesn’t know all that is going on with Obe, and trusting Obe may be a fatal mistake.

This book opens with a fast pace as Obe is hunting Frankie and the two of them get trapped. In order to tap into Frankie’s strength and have it transfer to Obe to save their lives, Frankie explains the options are to turn Obe into a vampire or “fuck.” And since Obe is certainly not going to allow himself to be turned into a vampire, he gives up his virginity in order to save his life. The sex with these guys starts fast and furious, but it all came off as mechanical to me and not as hot as I was being told it was. The men then become bonded, which is supposed to be temporary. Obe has such guilt and conflicting emotions that he then confesses his sins to the leaders of the Order and Obe and Frankie’s story moves on from there.

The story had a lot of good elements initially with the men being adversaries, but that was really in name only. Obe soon learns that everything he has been taught is false. The Order is like every other organization that has taken that name and it felt overused and tired. The Order was presented as a cult where Obe couldn’t leave and was brainwashed to a point of not wanting to leave and also not questioning anything in his life. It then opened up questions for me as to how he then transitions to being with Frankie so easily.

The story was long, longer than it needed to be for what was happening. The Order gives Obe a specific task, yet he falls hard for Frankie. The men keep saying they are going to take a break until the bond wears off to see if what they have is truly real, but since they can’t keep their hands off of each other, that never happens. We are told how much they want each other, but it all stayed on the page for me.

There are a number of side characters as well, some from the Order, and for what we are told these characters have been subjected to, they were able to rebound too quickly to be fully believable for me. The members of The Order then become a cliched add on to the story and the finale was lackluster.

The framework of this book was a little too loose for me and I had a hard time feeling it with most parts of this story and overall it will not be memorable.

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