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Garrick (Rick) Kincaid is the Alpha leader of the Kincaid pack. While overseeing the banishment of a criminal couple, Rick and his people come across four filthy half shifters in a barn on the couple’s property. As it turns out, they’re the illegitimate children of the husband, and they’ve been raised to believe Alphas and pack are dangerous.

Even though he and his younger siblings are afraid, Kai King wants to leave with Alpha Kincaid and be safe from his father and stepmother. He’s able to convince his 16-year-old sister, Samantha, they’ll be fine going to the pack’s manor. Sammi is skeptical, but there are also two young pups, Callie and Henry, to think about. Kai is pretty much all in for pack life and his feelings for Alpha Rick begin to grow.

Meanwhile, Rick is also feeling a connection to Kai. As the men begin falling for each other, some intrigue is afoot. Someone is trying to destroy the Kincaid pack. Rick is angry with himself because he allowed his passion for Kai to distract him, and poor Kai is left devastated. While Rick believes he’s doing what’s best for the pack, his faithful enforcers know better, and are finally able to convince him he’s being ridiculous. The question is whether Kai will be able to accept he’s been lying to himself as well. Will the men be able to get past their mutual insecurities and realize they’ve been building a family together all along? Or will their love go the way of Alpha Rick’s enemies?

You guys, this was an outstanding book! If you’ve read my reviews over time, you’ll know I’m all about shifters, and I love Alpha/omega stories. The Alpha and His King pushed all my buttons. The blurb was enough to make me want to dive in and start reading right away. I did, and I was not disappointed.

I would like to begin by telling you there’s a lot going on in this book, and I don’t want to give all the important details away. I’m going to try to give you a bare bones review without spoiling it for you because I do believe this one needs to be ready to be truly appreciated. It’s very special, and a really great take on the shifter premise. It’s well written and the detailed world building is damn near perfect. I was able to actually see every bit of scenery without being totally overwhelmed by them. I know what the characters look like. I know what the manor looks like. I know what the woods on the pack’s land look like, and it’s all written in a style that’s easy to follow, and just as easily compelling. I read this story from beginning to end during the night…while I was supposed to be sleeping. I didn’t want to put it down, and even thought I was exhausted the next day, it was so worth it!

Rick is just as an Alpha should be: strong, supportive of his pack members, tough when it’s called for, and loving when he needs to be. However, like most Alphas, he’s got a lot on his shoulders. He also thinks he needs to do everything on his own. He has household staff and enforcers and betas, but he still feels the need to personally take care of every issue the pack encounters. It was almost a relief to see him not only fall for Kai, but for his younger siblings as well. He’s so good with the little ones, and he’s able to convince the skittish and angry Sammi that pack life isn’t so bad. The author did such a wonderful job with Rick, and I am wholeheartedly impressed.

I loved Kai just as much as I loved Rick. Kai, even though he is only 18 years old, had to be mature because he has three younger siblings to look after. His human mother is now dead, and his shifter father (I’d mostly say “sperm donor”) wants nothing to down with his own children. His father’s wife is straight out of any evil stepmother story you’ve ever read. She locks them in the barn because they remind her that her husband cheated on her for years. Topping this off, his human mother raised them to believe that pack was dangerous and abusive. I felt for him and his little family. Kai has always just wanted to do right by them. For the first time in his young life, he feels safe, and it’s all thanks to Rick.

Watching Rick and Kai fall for each other was so lovely. Although their connection was almost instant, their love story isn’t instant. Kai needed to learn to trust, and Rick had to learn how to let go of even the smallest amount of control. They were sweet and sexy, and I would say one of the most delightful couples I’ve read about in quite a while. The reason Kai started sleeping in Rick’s room brought a smile to my face, even if it was a little scary. Little Henry wasn’t feeling well, and he couldn’t be consoled. Rick brings Henry into his room, and Kai is along for the ride. They both took care of the baby, while being alone in a sort of bubble. This is romantic and charming.

The road to their happily ever after isn’t easy for Rick and Kai. I mentioned there is intrigue, and there are enemies waiting in the wings to bring Rick and the Kincaid pack to their knees. While this caused me to shout at my Kindle, it was skillfully written by the author. There were quite a few parts to this attempt to ruin Rick and the pack, and all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly from beginning to end.

There are a lot of background characters in The Alpha and His King. I couldn’t possibly discuss them all. I will say Rick has surrounded himself with excellent betas and enforcers. They have his, and the pack’s, best interest at heart, and they’re not afraid to tell him like it is. They’re glad to tell him he’s being an idiot when he’s being an idiot, and he actually takes their words to heart. The two younger children are adorable as all get out, and the love Kai, Sammi, and Rick show for them is sweet. I enjoyed all the scenes they were in, and I look forward to watching them grow through the next books in the series.

Speaking of the upcoming books, I am very excited about them. The Alpha and His King ended on the perfect note. There was enough happiness for Rick and Kai, but enough left open for the next installment to begin. This is an excellent start to a brand new series, and I can’t wait to see where the Kincaid Pack goes next.

I highly recommend this book. It should appeal to fans of shifters, family, intrigue, and even some charming humor. Do yourself a favor and grab it!

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