Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

When Aled’s best friend, Suze, announces her engagement, Aled is thrilled for her. Naturally, Aled’s thoughts return to his failed marriage and the empty space on his ring finger. He’s happy with the way things are now with Gabriel and he knows that Gabriel would never be interested in a ring anyway. Between Gabriel’s relationship with dominant Kevin, and his new, sweet boyfriend Chris, Gabriel has enough to keep him occupied. Aled is content that Gabriel comes home to him.

The relationship between Aled and Gabriel has evolved and their love for each other is secure. But, Aled understands what Gabriel needs and, as long as the communication stays open, Aled accepts that Gabriel is not monogamous. Gabriel never thought he would have a secure life at all and share the love he does with Aled. But Gabriel picks up on Aled’s mention of marriage and feels their relationship is about to shift once again.

This book follows the story of Aled and Gabriel in the Starting Over series. The storyline is unique in the genre and I am appreciating the risks taken in the story telling. The books follow the characters throughout the entire series and are recommended to be read in order.

Aled and Gabriel met as a hook up and just kept at it. Now, they are living together and their relationship is solid and their love is strong. There is a lot going on with these characters and, at first glance, it’s mostly Gabriel that we have to keep up with. Gabriel has an extremely high sex drive and likes it rough and then even rougher. Aled gives him what he needs most of the time, but for the really rough stuff Gabriel turns to Kevin, his longtime dominant that has become family. Gabriel has also started seeing someone new, Chris. Chris is sweet with Gabriel and offers him the opposite of what Aled and Kevin offer, and Gabriel is tender with Chris when he discusses asexuality as it relates to Chris.

This is not the story of Gabriel finding the one and becoming monogamous. This is the story of Gabriel finding exactly the partners that he needs. Aled has also found the right partner and he adores Gabriel and feels lucky that Gabriel comes home to him. Aled always knows where Gabriel is and Aled accepts and supports what Gabriel needs.

This book takes their relationship further still as Aled starts thinking about what he wants from his future and how that will complement what Gabriel wants. Some of the scenes might be rough for some readers as Gabriel’s needs can feel extreme. But it’s exactly what Gabriel wants and the author keeps the lines of communication open between him and Aled to illustrate this throughout the series.

This book is told mostly from Aled’s point of view. We are with Gabriel when Aled is not on page, but I would really like more from him. Being transgender has not been easy for him and I would really be interested in being more in his head on a more personal level with regard to himself, as well as the extreme kink that fuels him.

I am fully invested in Aled and Gabriel’s character-driven story and how their relationship is evolving. This series is a great choice if you are looking to read about an open relationship with raw kink that pushes the extreme edges where the characters have open discussions, while still centering on a relationship between two men that have found a home.