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Brothers can be so much fun. I hope you enjoys this snapshot of the Varik brothers being themselves together.

~Jocelynn Drake

Rafe spread his hands in front of him. “And where does that leave us?”

“In need of allies and the truth behind who attacked the Ministry first,” Marcus replied. “You met with Arsenault?”

Rafe nodded. “I met with the clan leader, Philippe Arsenault, last night.” Rafe paused and licked his lips before looking over at Winter. “Have you met him? Do you know anything about the Arsenaults?”

“Next to nothing, actually,” Winter admitted, which was more than a little surprising. Winter seemed to know something about nearly everyone. “They’ve kept to themselves. Definitely away from the Ministry and politics. I’m not even sure how big their clan is.”

“Well, their clan is one vampire smaller than it was.” Marcus immediately glared at Rafe, as if he were to blame for the incredibly shrinking Arsenault clan.

Rafe held up a hand, stopping Marcus’s snarl. “Philippe Arsenault believes an alliance between the Variks and Arsenaults could be of value to both sides. However, he would like a…a gesture of good faith. Proof that the Variks are willing to help the Arsenaults in their time of need.”

“Not unreasonable, considering Jullien Arsenault was sent to help us infiltrate the Black Wolf manor,” Bel said.

Ethan shifted on the couch, moving closer to Marcus. “What do they want help with?”

“One of their clan members has gone missing. Piper Arsenault. Philippe has requested our assistance in locating their wayward vampire.”

“And Philippe is sure Piper didn’t leave of her own free will?” Winter said.

“Yes. Yes.” Rafe gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “I covered all of that ground already. He’s confident her disappearance is either linked to a kidnapping or that she’s hiding from someone who attempted to harm her and can’t safely return home. But I don’t have any additional details. I didn’t want to get into all of that if we weren’t going to agree to trudge into their mess in the first place.”

Marcus shifted forward, placing his elbows on his knees as he narrowed his eyes on Rafe. He wasn’t sure if his brother was attempting to read his thoughts or if he was concentrating on the request from Philippe. “What is your opinion of Philippe Arsenault?”

“Handsome,” Rafe said immediately, earning muffled snickers from Ethan and Winter. He glanced over in time to see Bel give a roll of his eyes, but there was a smile playing on his lips.

“I was hoping for something more useful and constructive when I requested you meet with him,” Marcus said, sounding as if he was talking through clenched teeth.

Sometimes Rafe couldn’t help himself. He loved irritating his brothers, particularly Marcus.

And that truly had been Rafe’s first impression when it came to Philippe Arsenault. The vampire was incredibly handsome. He looked as if he’d been spun from the finest gold thread and woven with a glow plucked straight from the sun.

But for all their playful banter, Rafe hadn’t missed the worry crowding his pale-green eyes. Rafe didn’t know if the worry was related to his missing clan member, aligning the Arsenaults with the Variks, or something else.

“He’s charming, witty, and intelligent. Reminded me a lot of…well, myself.” Rafe paused and flashed Marcus a wide grin, but his brother was not amused. “He seems to know a good deal about us, despite our pitiful lack of knowledge about their clan. He’s apparently a fan of Marcus’s appearances before the Ministry, but not so much a fan of the Ministry. I believe he respects our family and is willing to accept an alliance with us even though we’ve done an amazing job of making ourselves a target. And while I’m a little surprised to say this, I do believe he’s genuinely concerned about his missing clan member.”

Rafe glanced over at Bel to find his twin staring at him with a look akin to speechless horror. “Are you…considering joining the Arsenault clan?”

“What?” Rafe said on a gasp.

“Well, you did manage to get digs in on your family while praising him.”

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Rafe snapped.

“Are you hungry? Do you need to feed?” Bel inquired.

“Maybe he’s got a crush,” Ethan suggested, causing Rafe to whip his head around to glare at the newest Varik. The look only sent Ethan into peals of giggles that had even Marcus struggling not to smile.

“Wouldn’t that be adorable?” Winter continued when Ethan couldn’t talk between his giggles. “Rafe with a crush on Philippe Arsenault. Are you going to start doodling hearts and writing your name out, Rafe Varik-Arsenault? Or are you just going to change it to Rafe Arsenault?”

Rafe was out of his seat in a flash. His fangs slammed down of their own accord as rage pumped through his veins. The very idea that he would ever choose another clan over his family was fucking ridiculous. He was a Varik. Nothing was going to change that. Nothing. And no one.

Grinning at him, Winter shoved to his feet, ready to counter anything Rafe threw at him.

But Rafe didn’t get within arm’s reach of his youngest brother. Marcus rose and stepped between the two, his hands pressed against Rafe’s chest.

“Enough! We don’t have time for this nonsense,” Marcus barked.

Rafe continued to glare at his youngest brother for another few seconds. He wasn’t fighting Marcus, but he wasn’t retreating either. Winter withdrew first, lowering his eyes and dropping into his seat.

“He’s right,” Winter muttered. “Just joking, Rafe. Never meant it.”

Rafe managed a low grunt as he stepped away from Marcus. He ran a hand along the front of his shirt and jacket as if smoothing away any wrinkles before he returned to his seat. Marcus continued to tower over them, glaring at Rafe and then Winter as if daring them to step out of line again.


Rafe Varik

The troublemaker. The risk taker. The sexy club owner full of wicked promises.

Rafe has devoted his immortal existence to pleasure and causing mischief.

The only ones who can depend on him are his brothers. Of course, that’s very much a Varik thing.

But when the leader of the Arsenault clan specifically requests Rafe’s help in tracking down a killer, he can’t say no.

Sure, Rafe claims he’s doing it for his family. They’ve attracted too many enemies and could use a few allies.

That’s not the whole truth, though.

There’s something about Philippe Arsenault that draws Rafe in. He wants more of Philippe. The vampire leaves him longing for another second in his presence, another taste of his lips, another caress of those perfect fingers.

Yet when it’s all over, what will become of Philippe and Rafe? Because Philippe will always be an Arsenault, and Rafe will always be a Varik.

Saving Rafe is the second book in an MM paranormal romance series that has vampires, betrayal, annoying brothers, music, heartbreak, hope, sexy times, and a pair of star-crossed lovers.


It started with a battered notebook. Jocelynn Drake wrote her first story when she was 12 years old. It was a retelling of Robin Hood that now included a kickass female who could keep up with all the boys and be more than just a sad little love interest. From there, she explored space, talked to dragons, and fell in love again and again and again.

This former Kentucky girl has moved up, down, and across the US with her patient husband. They’ve settled near the Rockies…for now. She spends the majority of her time lost in the strong embrace of a good book.

When she’s not hammering away at her keyboard or curled up with a book, she can usually be found cuddling with her cat Demona, walking her dog Ace, or flinging curses at the TV while playing a video game. Outside of books, furry babies, and video games, she is completely enamored of Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, and fast cars.

She is the author of the urban fantasy series: The Dark Days series and the Asylum Tales. She also has a gay romantic suspense series called The Exit Strategy and has recently launched a new paranormal series called the Lords of Discord. She has also co-authored with Rinda Elliott the following series: Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, and Pineapple Grove. She can be found at

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | eMail


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