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Length: Novella

Will and Taylor are back and those who have followed this couple through five previous stories in the Dangerous Ground series will be thrilled to see they haven’t changed in any way but good. Yes, they still have difficulty communicating. Yes, Will’s ex who shall not be named is still around, and yes, these two men are destined to have a rough go relationally because, well, because they are Will and Taylor. If you have not read the previous books in Josh Lanyon’s series, then I will tell you that this review will not make a great deal of sense. For those who have made this couple their personal form of crack as I have, read on.

If we know anything about these gentlemen, it’s that their past (especially past boyfriends) tend to turn up at the most inopportune of times. By default then it’s no wonder the emotional tie between Taylor and Will is so strong if we go by the fact that their exes have such a difficult time giving them up. It’s Taylor’s turn and his first boyfriend from college, Ashe Dekker, has shown up out of the blue asking for help. It seems some squatter has taken over Ashe’s deceased mother’s house and is now trying to kill him.

To say Ashe has bad timing is an understatement, with both men tied up in doing security assessments after landing a major client for their newly formed security consulting business. But Taylor made a promise to Ashe and despite Will’s keen sense of foreboding, Taylor is going to keep it. Of course, things go south almost immediately and before either man can recognize what’s happening, their lives are being threatened and Will is about to make a decision that could very well end his relationship with Taylor permanently.

This story was the perfect endnote to a great series. I am pretty sure Lanyon could write these characters in her sleep and yet there is always something fresh about these two men. Their emotional connection always seems brand new because of the way in which they are so careful to read each other and keep their communication honest. That’s the key to a long series, in my opinion, always seeking to expand and develop the personality of the key players in the story and Lanyon does this so well. From the moment Ashe stepped back into Taylor’s life, it was certain things were not going to continue to be stable for Will and Taylor. Between their two ex-boyfriends and a past heaped with former hurts and wrong decisions, the history these two have was bound to catch up to them and it does. I must say it was painful to watch; these two men are nothing if not all in when it comes to loving each other, so when they accidentally hurt the other, it feels catastrophic.

However, theirs is a partnership built on forgiveness and growth and once again both these come into play. The tangled web that is revealed is pretty spectacular and the real reason Ashe suddenly turns up is quite clever. I thoroughly enjoyed Blind Side and will miss the fellas very much.

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