Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Mack, Tan, and Austin have been living in the farmhouse in relative safety. They have food and shelter, and with snow on the ground, they have been able to avoid the spider bots. But the men know it is not a long-term haven for them. Once spring comes, the bots will be back. Plus, the damage from the alien oil drilling is causing earthquakes and other dangerous weather anomalies. It is clear that Wyoming won’t be a place they can stay long term, but they don’t know how to decide where to go next.

However, the decision is taken out of their hands when the men learn that disaster is about to strike. With little choice but to run, Austin, Mack, and Tan must rely on each other as they make their way across the country, hoping to stay ahead of the danger. It is a race against time, one they aren’t sure they will survive. And even if they can make it, their future is far from certain. But the men have found love with one another and they are determined to do whatever it takes to protect each other and the lives they have built together.

Burn is the third and final book in Nora Phoenix’s Ignite trilogy and the author brings the story to an exciting and satisfying end. While the men had a brief respite in Wyoming in Smolder, things really heat back up here. The situation has become increasingly unstable and the guys have to race across the country, desperate to survive. The story is thrilling and intense and Phoenix really lets the reader feel the excitement. There is a breathless quality to a lot of the book as the men are hit with one crisis after another. The ending is particularly tense and there is a nice sense of energy to the story. I had wondered how Phoenix was possibly going to pull a happy ending together for the men after the devastating affects of the alien attack and the basic destruction of the world as they know it. So I was really pleased to see how the story all comes together. There is a bit of a suspension of disbelief required at times, but overall, I think Phoenix really pulls it all together well.

The men continue to have a strong bond among them and by the time this story starts, it is clear they are fully committed to one another. There is a nice dynamic to the their relationship, and while Mack and Austin still tend to dote on Tan, they have come far over the course of the series in giving him space to find his own strength. Tan has a habit of having conversations with himself with an internal voice that at times taunts him and at others supports him. I’ll admit, I found this a little jarring. I think the goal is to show that Tan is still working through some of his mental health issues, but I found it an odd device as this inner voice is not something we see from the other two men.

Overall, I found this a great conclusion to a really engaging series. I really enjoy dystopian tales and Phoenix does a nice job here of creating a scary and intense story with a satisfying romance. I loved the way it all comes together at the end and appreciated Phoenix’s attention to detail in the world building. I really liked this series a lot and can definitely recommend it.

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