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Length: Novel

When Heath runs into his ex-girlfriend, the one who cheated on him, he wants her to think he’s doing fine. The only option he can think of at that exact moment is to tell her he’s dating his gay best friend, Declan. The two friends think it’s the funniest thing ever, until Heath’s ex outs Heath on Facebook. Over 400 notifications later, it’s clear to Heath that everyone knows he’s dating Declan and, since Heath has never been interested in men before, not everyone is buying it. To save himself further embarrassment, Heath decides to go with it and doesn’t correct anyone right away.

Declan knows that Heath is attractive, but he’s never been attracted to him. When the two friends kiss to keep up the charade, the heat between them is out of control. Of course, the only thing these two can do is see where it leads.

This looks to be the first full-length book from author Isla Olsen and I was entertained from the start. Heath and Declan are the best of friends, having been roommates in college and now living in each other’s pockets. Declan has never been attracted to Heath and has never been jealous of the women Heath has been with and although he’s shocked in the moment, he thinks it’s hilarious when Heath tells his ex-girlfriend that he and Heath are together. She then outs them.

It takes the right combination for me to laugh out loud when reading and this book did just that. From Declan’s family chat, to Heath’s internet research and subsequent questions for Declan, and simply the way the men laughed at the situation and at themselves, this story was highly entertaining. They have a great friendship and instead of being embarrassed about the whole thing, they lean into it.

This is a fast read and a fast-moving book. Once the men realize there is heat and attraction between them, they easily move to a physical relationship and Heath has no issues with being with a man, who is his best friend, for the first time. They already know each other so well and there is little hesitation to moving forward.

I was looking for a little more character development from both of the men, as we only learn the basics about each of them. Declan is one of 11 siblings and many of them are on page and I would have liked a little more overall backstory for both men in general, as well on their friendship. The author does a good job of showing us that the men are best friends, but a little more to round out their story would have added another layer for me.

For the most part, this book was a fun, sexy, fast-paced romp (that is the best word for it) until almost the end of the book, when there was an awkward and unnecessary misunderstanding that really didn’t add much for me and only served to detract from an otherwise entertaining story. This book is listed as the first in a series and there are many characters introduced that could have stories and I will be looking forward to checking them out.

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