Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Percy Watts may have wealth and fame, but he’s still an omega, which puts him at the mercy of stronger, more aggressive betas and alphas. He’s tired of being harassed and, after a particularly brutal relationship nearly kills him, Percy just wants to feel safe and protected.

With nothing left to lose, Percy decides to attend an alpha auction where he can bid on a willing alpha for a contractually obligated period of time. Finding a compatible alpha is hard enough, but Percy is shocked when he finds two! Overnight, his isolated world is turned upside down by the cheerful Diego and more serious Rohan.

Alphas hold very little financial or political power when compared to omegas and betas, but biology certainly makes them stronger and more possessive. Thankfully, Rohan and Diego could care less about competing with one another for Percy’s hand. Instead, they work together to charm and protect the man who rescued them from dead end jobs and lives without much of a future. But a dangerous stalker has focused attention on Percy. Now, Rohan and Diego must race against time to save the omega they love.

Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps is set in the Omegaverse, but comes with an unusual twist in that alphas are generally relegated to the lowest rungs of society. This doesn’t mean that omegas are actually any safer, but this role reversal adds a bit of novelty to the book. Which is good, because it serves as one of the only positives to a plot and characters that are sorely lacking depth.

There’s no romance here, just quirks of biology quickly followed by instalove, so don’t expect anything too dramatic. Diego and Rohan are basically stock characters that have little thought or emotional complexity and seem rather boring. The conflicts, such as they are, tend be written off in a matter of paragraphs, which left me wondering what the whole point of the plot was. There just isn’t any substance here and that’s a shame, because the set up was fairly strong and all the ingredients were there. They just don’t combine into anything particularly wowing.

One of the real let downs for me was how easily everything seemed to come together for the characters. Percy, who suggested some level of mental trauma resulting from his previously abusive relationship, seems to have no hesitation setting up with Diego and Rohan. Diego and Rohan just happen to have the same interest in starting a coffee shop. Percy’s stalker, who is only on page a few times, just happens to be the most obvious, and frankly, only, possible evil character option. There’s no suspense or drama here. Everything is resolved with the wave of a hand and, in doing so, the character experiences seem wholly invalidated.

I want to enjoy Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps, but it just didn’t happen. There wasn’t enough substance or character building to grab my interest and sustain it. I’d have to recommend giving this one a pass.

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