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Errol Mason is disgraced and down on his luck. He was fired from a previous job and has been blacklisted. He’s in desperate need of a new job and he’s got an interview with a major company for a bodyguard position. On his way to that interview, some…events…occur. You see, Errol is what they call a Meta-gene. When it’s needed, he can bring about a special “dermis.” It’s sort of a second skin that serves as a barrier to knives and some smaller caliber bullets. This ability makes Errol a target of a cult-like group who feels the world should be even, and that means stealing the Meta-genes’ powers.

Nathan Parkes is about to embark on a special mission and he wants a bodyguard…a “meat shield” as he calls it. His stepmother has been kidnapped by the cult (she’s a Meta-gene as well with powers of telepathy), and he’s determined to save her. Errol was recommended to him, and Nathan decides to take a chance on him.

Their pairing is odd from the beginning, and Nathan realizes there’s more to Errol than he thought. He’s definitely more than just a meat shield. A mutual respect is built within a short time as they dodge angry cult members and the police. Soon, the feeling is deeper, but both men aren’t sure if they should act on their attraction. After a particularly violent confrontation, Errol and Nathan realize there’s no more fighting it. The question is whether their new relationship will last through what is sure to become a nightmare.

Oh my goodness, you guys! This was a fantastic book! I love stories that involve superpowered people with a bit of drama and romance. That’s why I chose Jeopardy in TightsI’m going to admit to you, I wasn’t sure about this story when I started reading. I felt like it was a little slow, and I put it down for a few days. Knowing this review was coming, I picked it up again, starting at the very beginning. I am so glad I did that. This book turned out to be an amazing story and a very wild ride. There was action aplenty, a good and solid plot, good guys and bad guys, and a healthy dose of excellent banter between Errol and Nathan.

Speaking of Errol and Nathan…I fell for both of them right away. Errol is far from perfect. We learn he has a history with alcohol and drugs, but he really wants to prove himself. Nathan is a CEO with a twist, and his obvious love for his stepmother just really endeared him to me. There was immediate chemistry, and even though this isn’t a terribly long book, and in truth, only a few days pass during the story, their relationship felt like a slow burn. The men make a great team. It gave me a sort of Lethal Weapon vibe. I was really caught up in them and what they were going though. The dialogue is great and feels like natural conversation. The story is dialogue heavy, and that is SO not a bad thing. It made everything flow easily from scene to scene.

Going with the flow here…the chapters also flow well. They’re from dual POVs, and I was never confused about whose head I was in. I relaxed and went with it and was completely compelling. I felt as if I was watching a movie. I’ve even casted it in my head, and that made Jeopardy in Tights even better. There is a tremendous amount of action…car chases, shoot outs, flames shooting out of people’s hands, and I loved every minute of it. Errol and Nathan’s feelings for each other grow quickly once they get a bit of a break, and their sexual chemistry comes into play, and WOW! It’s off the charts. There is only one love scene, but it’s just enough. Completely hot and a little dirty (Ok, maybe more than a little dirty), it’s perfectly written and, like the dialogue, it feels natural and it’s obviously the beginning of an awesome relationship.

There are lots of background characters here. As of right now, they are very minor, but as this series progresses, I feel like they’re going to become important. I found them all to be interesting, and they all have backstories that are well fleshed out even as the book focuses on Errol and Nathan. I am looking forward to learning more about them.

The end of Jeopardy in Tights satisfied me nicely. Knowing this is the first in a series, it seems like it is a great transition to the next installment. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to that. I loved this book, and I will recommend it to everyone I see. It was fun, fast paced, sexy, and interesting. Definitely give this one a go.

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