Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel

For Kerr, life has been … boring. For a demon made for sex, for all the pain and pleasure of submission, it’s been a hell of a few years. All that is about to change, however, because the master who hasn’t so much as laid a finger on him in nearly a decade has just lost him in a card game to the powerful demon, Belial. Now, Kerr is heading to a new harem where the Master of the Harem, Ceris, promises punishment and pampering in equal measure.

In the depths of Belial’s harem, Kerr is finding a renewed feeling of hope when the pleasure slave is informed he won’t be ignored — a pain worse than any bite of the whip. Instead, Ceris tells him that he’ll be taken in hand, personally. Ceris is tasked with keeping the smaller demons content, happy, and trained. Rather than use his fists or whips, he uses honeyed words and sex. Ceris wants the harem to be a place of passion and fun and sex, and when he finds out how Kerr has been isolated and untouched, he can’t help but feel both horror and sympathy. When testing Kerr’s limits, he finds his own pushed as Ceris begins to fall for the lovely demon. Not only is Kerr given a master who wants him, he’s also given a pet in the form of Harmony, a demon who thought highly of himself … until he woke up in a cage at the foot of Kerr’s bed.

In the upper echelons of hell, Belial is playing cards with Horatio, an old friend. A friend Belial happens to be in love with — or, at least, a powerful, all-consuming lust — and a friend he just so happens to have plans for. With a few card tricks up his sleeve Belial intends to win Horatio’s service and his heart. Belial has taken his friend and neighbor and intends to force him to submit, knowing Horatio isn’t meant to be a true Dominant. That, and he really, really wants to fuck him. So, after dragging him to the bedroom and giving him a fucking he won’t forget, Belial sets about transforming Horatio into “Lem,” his perfect submissive.

Once You Go Demon is a raunchy romp through the sexual adventures of five demons, and is heavy on the sex and the submission. The word “boy” is used a lot, as well as “slut,” so if that’s something you’re not a fan of, this might not be the book for you. There’s also a scene of forced submission that didn’t quite sit well with me, as the phrasing used by Belial implies that since Horatio wasn’t able to fight him off, he must really have wanted Belial to fuck him against his will. It’s victim blaming, and I didn’t care for it. I do not think the author’s intent is to upset anyone. This is a raunchy little fantasy of sex, sounding, spanking, and willing submission — and when we see Horatio’s POV he does enjoy it, even though it’s against his wishes — but that one scene, and the choice of words Belial uses, just didn’t work for me. If you’re a fan of dubcon, it’s a well written scene and it’s clear Belial honestly wants Horatio, that he loves Horatio, and that, when we see the scene through Horatio’s eyes, he feels the same.

This is erotica, not romance, and there’s not much story here. It’s full of light hearted sex, more sex, and then just a bit more sex to spice it up. Even so, there are hints of some world beyond the cages, butt plugs, and pillows. Demons horns can grow or shrink depending on how dominant they are, and there’s an indication of different levels of … well, demon-ness. Harmony wanted to be a fashion designer, so there’s an indication of a world outside of the bedroom, of a society and demon hierarchies, households, and politics. But, really, this book is just about the sex. The pacing is good, the writing is good, and for what it is, I found it to be a fun, light read.