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Length: Novel

Teo has been in love with his best friend, Chris, for years, but Chris is clear he is not ready for a relationship. Teo has ended up waiting for Chris, saving himself until they can be together. But now Teo is worried that his inexperience will ruin things once he finally is with Chris and he decides to find someone with whom he can lose his virginity. Teo doesn’t want a casual, meaningless hookup, he wants something that feels real. So he puts out an ad looking for a silent hookup, with no talking and no names, but someone who will make him feel like it is something real for the night.

Jack is a commericial pilot who enjoys the no-strings sex that comes from being in different cities all the time. Still, part of Jack misses being close to his family and having some real connections. When Jack sees Teo’s hookup ad, he is intrigued by the idea of acting out Teo’s fantasy of real connection. The two men end up having a steaming hot night together, but both men know it is a one-time thing. Jack’s job isn’t conducive to having a serious relationship, and Teo is still waiting for things to happen with Chris.

Months later, both Teo and Jack have changed jobs. Jack is now working charter flights so he can have a little better work/life balance and be closer to his sister, and Teo has taken a job at Chris’ medical consulting company so they can spend more time together. The men run into one another as Jack ends up being the pilot for a flight Teo is taking for work. When engine trouble grounds the flight, Teo and Jack end up stranded for a couple of days together and the guys rekindle their connection from months before. The chemistry between them is still intense and both men are surprised how drawn they are to one another. As Teo shares with Jack the situation with Chris, the men decide they will fake a relationship to show Chris what he is missing and to spend some more time with one another.

Both Teo and Jack are really enjoying their time together, and both realize that they may be actually falling for one another despite their plans to keep things casual. But Teo still has to work through his feelings for Chris, and both men are sure that the other isn’t interested in anything more. Now Teo has to decide what he really wants for his future, and both men must take a risk and share their feelings. But if they are lucky, they may just find everything they ever wanted in each other.

Oh, you guys, I just loved this one! It is so super sweet and yummy and I totally fell in love with Teo and Jack. These guys are both so absurdly likable, I found it impossible not to adore them. They are generous and caring and selfless. They love their families and are kind hearted. Teo and Jack should have been too good to be true, but somehow Lucy Lennox manages to make them endearing and lovely, rather than overly sweet. I just couldn’t help but root for them and want them both to find happiness. On top of that, these guys have incredible chemistry together. Their connection from the first night is intense, and it just continues throughout the book. This story has a lot of heat and the sexiness works so well with the endearing personalities of both men.

The story has two main conflicts: Teo’s feelings for Chris, and each man’s concern that the other isn’t interested in anything serious. I think Lennox does a nice job showing us why Teo is so hung up on Chris and how things have dragged out for so long between them. Chris clearly has some selfishness happening here; he wants to keep Teo close, but he isn’t ready or interested in committing to him. But it is also clear that Chris has been a good friend to Teo for years and they have a real friendship, so while he is stringing Teo along, he isn’t a pure villain, and I think that balance works well here. Teo has always seen his future in Chris and it takes time for him to realize that his desires have changed and that Chris isn’t what he wants. The other conflict centers around the men falling for one another, but thinking the other isn’t interested. It takes a while for the men to talk to each other and come clean, and this could have felt dragged out way too long. Again, Lennox manages to make this all work as we watch both Teo and Jack come to accept their own feelings and work through what they want themselves before sharing with one another. Honestly, I am not sure why this didn’t feel like too much lack of communication, but somehow Lennox pulls it together in a way I really enjoyed.

I really absolutely loved this story. Teo and Jack are dreamy, both together and apart. I couldn’t help but root for them to find their happiness together, and this story gave me all the warm, happy feelings. The men are so sweet and lovely and their sexual connection is intense and steamy. It was a great combination and I just loved it. Definitely highly recommended.

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