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Length: Novel

Agents Cooper Dayton and Oliver Park are being called in on a new case to help the Bureau of Special Investigations look into the mysterious disappearance of a former alpha wolf. The man worked at a couples retreat and so the BSI is sending Park and Cooper in undercover to pose as a couple in need of counseling — which isn’t too far off the mark, as things are tense between the men as they are shopping for a new house. Cooper knows he wants a life with Park, but he can’t help but worry if he can always be what Park needs.

Cooper and Park arrive in the seemingly idyllic retreat in the mountains, but it is clear things are definitely suspicious. The staff seems to have a lot of history, neighbors are claiming trespassing, other guests are behaving strangely, and some rival pack members show up stirring up trouble. Not to mention dead bodies continue to pile up.

Even as the men investigate, they begin delve more into their own relationship issues, particularly the dynamics between them. Cooper can’t help but worry that he can’t be all that Park needs, particularly after Park’s family warned him about human and wolf partnerships. Yet despite having issues they need to address, Cooper also knows that he loves Park deeply and wants nothing more than to spend their lives together. But with a killer on the loose, Park and Cooper must figure out who is behind it all or they may risk losing their lives in the process.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is the fourth book in Charlie Adhara’s wonderful Big Bad Wolf series. The series was originally set to be a trilogy, so I was thrilled to find out that Adhara was releasing more books, as I really love this paranormal romantic suspense. For me, this book brought out a new dimension to Cooper and Park’s relationship that I just loved. While it is clear that the men have been committed to one another for a while, here things take on a new intensity as Cooper really comes to recognize that Park is it for him. The wolf/human partnership isn’t always easy, and we see that reflected here as well. Cooper is still figuring out just how to fit into Park’s world, and he worries that if Park is all in, Cooper may let him down or make him feel trapped. But this story shows just how right these guys are for one another and how strong a bond they have. For me, this story was the most romantic of the series and I just loved watching their relationship continue to grow and strengthen.

The mystery is also well done and it is complex enough to be interesting, without being overwhelming. The setting allows for a remote seclusion that enhances the storyline, particularly when a horrible storm leaves them even more isolated. I think the set up here takes up a good portion of the book, so it did feel like it took a while to really get into the meat of the suspense element. But I found it engaging and Adhara does a nice job of bringing out elements in the case that showcase aspects of Cooper and Park’s relationship in interesting ways.

So I continue to be a huge fan of this series and I am just thrilled that it is continuing. The book ends with a nice segue in what is happening in the next book, and I am really eager for more.

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