corruption audio coverStory Rating: 4.5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Darcy Stark
Length: 7 hours, 54 minutes

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I am a huge fan of Eden Winters’ Diversion series and I have been really enjoying revisiting it in audio format. Corruption is kind of a pivotal book in the series as things begin to take a turn to a big series arc involving Bo becoming an undercover agent. Here we learn that there is a new street drug that is killing people and Bo is sent undercover with a biker gang who has suspected connections to distribution. Lucky is by far the more experienced agent, so he worries about Bo and is surprised to see how Bo is able to transform himself into his undercover persona so easily. As the series continues, we see that this thread is picked up in future books and this story really sets the stage nicely for a lot of what is to come. The case is exciting and intense and gives us a chance to see Bo in the forefront in a new way.

This book also is one where we see Lucky really needing to reflect on what he wants from this relationship, as Bo wants to move things forward and Lucky is more hesitant. Not because he doesn’t love Bo, because he does. But Lucky has no real frame of reference for this kind of relationship and he is clearly scared. But I love these guys together and even as Lucky is skittish, there is no question they are meant for each other.

Once again, Darcy Stark does a really nice job on the narration. I have noted this before, but I appreciate how these characters are not all “generic Southern,” but rather have distinct accents based on what area they are from. There are some particularly nice moments here. One of my favorites is when Lucky imitates Bo, but rather than just using Bo’s voice, Stark gives us Lucky’s take on Bo’s voice, which is particularly impressive. I also liked the moments where Stark adds some extra spin, like when Lucky hears a runner coming up behind him and we hear the panting breaths before the person speaks. There are just some really nice touches here that give the book a little something extra. Some of the accents don’t feel quite on point, however. I am not sure Walter’s Boston accent or the visiting trainer’s NYC accent were quite spot on. But these are small things and didn’t detract from my enjoyment.

I am really having fun getting a chance to enjoy this series from the beginning through audio. This is one of my favorite romantic suspense series and I can definitely recommend it in either format.