new coming this weekHi everyone! I hope you all had a nice week and everyone is hanging in there. Weather hasn’t been great here, so unfortunately we have had more time indoors than in the past few weeks. But we are keeping busy and everyone is healthy so we can’t complain.

I just wanted to add a quick shout out today to our fabulous reviewers here at Joyfully Jay. I think because it is my name on the blog, sometimes their contributions can be overlooked. But they are all busily reading and reviewing, even as I know concentration is hard for so many of us. So a huge thanks to my amazing team — Michelle, Kris, Sammy, Sue, Elizabeth, Camille, Veronica, Kenna, Jovan, and Valerie. I also wanted to give a special shout out to Kris and Michelle, both of whom celebrated their sixth year anniversary with us. I’ll admit, I am really bad about remembering these milestones, but I have to say that we have a team of folks here who have been with the blog for a very long time overall and I really appreciate that they stick it out day after day. And with that, a huge get better soon to Sammy, who has been with me for nine years now, almost from day 1. Sammy is dealing with some health issues (which shee discussed on FB so I won’t get into specifics here) and we are wishing her well and a super speedy recovery.

Ok, last note, I am still working on getting posts back up from those “lost days’ right before the blog crash. I have made progress but it is labor intensive and taking me longer than I had hoped. Thanks for your patience and we should be set to rights soon.

All right, on to this week. This is what we have planned:

  • Review: Jumping the Bull by Jenn Burke (Jay)
  • Review: Like the First Moon Landing by Matthew J. Metzger (Michelle)
  • Review: Bright and Beautiful by Amber Belldene (Kris)
  • Guest Post: Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye. by E.S. Carter
  • Review: Forgiveness and Reconciliation by Casper Graham (Veronica)

  • Review: Charlie Sunshine by Lily Morton (Jay)
  • Review: Billion Dollar Love anthology (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: How to Elude a Vampire by Alice Winters
  • Review: Stealing Pretty by R. Cayden (Kenna)
  • Audiobook Review: Virgin Flyer by Lucy Lennox (Michelle)

  • Audiobook Review: Be Fairy Game by Meghan Maslow (Jay)
  • Review: His Second Chance by Marie Medina (Camille)
  • Review: Moll Cutpurse by Ellen Galford (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Thief in the Light by Jaime Samms
  • Review: Jeff, Karma, and Me by Jere M. Fishback (Sammy)

  • Review: Heartless by Kate Hawthorne (Jay)
  • Review: Project Hero by Briar Prescott (Michelle)
  • Guest Post: Heartless by Kate Hawthorne
  • Audiobook Review: Two-Man Advantage by V.L. Locey (Veronica)
  • Review: Calaf and Ishmael by Deak Wooton (Sue)

  • Review: Refuge at Clifftop by K.L. Noone (Jay)
  • Review: Dream of Me by Ray Hatch (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Mating the Enemy by Shae Balik
  • Review: Better Red by Tara Lain (Sammy)

That should do it for this week. Stay safe and healthy!

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