new coming this weekHi gang! I hope everyone is holding up all right and that you had a good and healthy week.

Things are going pretty smoothly here. It starts to feel like the days are pretty much the same day. and and day out, but I guess quiet is better than crazy! Maryland is still all under stay-at-home orders (and I am just fine with that!). I have ventured out occasionally for groceries, but we are mostly hunkered down. I have been baking pretty much non-stop, so cross your fingers I can still fit into jeans when this is all over!

On the blog front, I am making good progress recovering lost posts from our crash. I have a handful left to get live again, but then we should be done. It looks like I have only lost one review for good, and out of 10,000+ posts, I consider that a victory! Thanks for your patience as we work through all of this.

Here is what we have planned this week:

  • Review: Lucien by Silvia Violet (Kris)
  • Review: Conceivable by Willa Okati (Kenna)
  • Guest Post: Burn Zone by Annabeth Albert
  • Audiobook Review: A Breath Apart by Christina Lee (Elizabeth)

  • Review: Witch’s Familiar by T.J. Nichols (Jay)
  • Review: Lucas by Elna Host (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Charlie Sunshine by Lily Morton
  • Audiobook Review: Ground Zero by Aimee Nicole Walker (Jovan)
  • Review: Avalon’s Last Night by Jackson C. Garton (Camille)

  • Review: Nailed by K.M. Neuhold (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Lucien by Silvia Violet
  • Review: The Less Than Spectacular Times of Henry Milch by Marshall Thornton (Sammy)
  • Review: Overture and Beginners by Betsy Valentine (Veronica)

  • Audiobook Review: The Prince and His Bedeviled Bodyguard by Charlie Cochet (Sammy)
  • Guest Post with Victoria Sue
  • Review: A Family Affair by Rob Loveless (Michelle)
  • Audibook Review: T.A.G. You’re Seen by A.G. Carothers (Veronica)

  • Review: Burn Zone by Annabeth Albert (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: Sir by N.R. Walker (Sammy)
  • Guest Post: Far Away by Bryan T. Clark
  • Review: Drive by Courtney Maguire (Elizabeth)

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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