Today I am so pleased to welcome Victoria Sue to Joyfully Jay. Sue is here to share an exclusive cover reveal for her upcoming story, Everybody Burns, which releases June 16th. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Sue a big welcome! 

First up, here is the cover! 

everybody burns cover



Daniel followed Talon and Gregory into Gregory’s office two doors down and Gregory waved them to the chairs and shut the door. “Have either of you spoken to Eli this weekend?”

“Not since we saw him Friday, Sir,” Talon replied, and Daniel shook his head when Gregory looked at him. What Daniel knew about Eli Stuart could be written on a postage stamp.

“I take it you don’t know where he is?” Talon asked.

Gregory huffed. “He’s downstairs waiting for me in interview room three.”

“What? But why?” Talon asked, obviously puzzled. “Why isn’t he with us?”

“Is this something to do with the request from the Orlando office?” Daniel asked.

Gregory winced. “No. That particular mess is just an added bonus.”

“Then why is Eli not up here?” Talon said.

Gregory scrubbed a hand over his short hair. Daniel absently noted he had more gray than brown in his hair now and wondered if their last case involving his little brother had contributed to that. “Because I got an email from him at seven a.m. this morning giving his notice.”

“He’s leaving?” Talon exclaimed. “But why?”

Daniel didn’t meet Gregory’s gaze. He knew. He knew exactly why Eli had quit. “This is because of me.”

Gregory shook his head. “I doubt if this is personal, Daniel.”

But it was. Daniel had recognized the same fear in Eli’s eyes when Gregory partnered them that he knew would be stark in his own. They were both what the other was trying to forget. Daniel had left Washington because he was trying to keep his sanity, but he had a feeling Eli’s memories were worse, personal. No, he knew they were and he also knew that was why Eli had spent the last four weeks avoiding him every chance he got.

“Let me talk to him,” Talon urged. He glanced at Daniel. “I think he deserves to know about the case in Orlando.”

Gregory waved them out. “I haven’t officially accepted his resignation. Go talk to him and let me know.”

They both stood and left the office. “Talon?” Daniel started. “I don’t think this is a coincidence. Maybe I should let you do this on your own.”

Talon’s determined gaze fell on Daniel. “No, I don’t think so. Because I’m about to go tell Eli we need him for the case, and who is involved.”

Daniel’s eyes widened.

“But if I’m to help Agents Lin and Wright there are conditions. After what Vance and Sam went through, no one from this team gets seconded on their own. If they want Eli, then they get all of us.”

Daniel followed Talon downstairs wondering if Agent Lin might just be getting more than he bargained for.

It looked like Daniel certainly was.


everybody burns coverEli was only seven years old when he was given to monsters.

Sixteen years later he finally gets the chance for revenge, and with his enhanced abilities changing, nothing and no one is gonna stop him, especially a new partner that seems to see right through the black holes in his soul.

Agent Daniel Connelly left Washington trying to keep his sanity, but the images of the innocent victims are still haunting him and knows the horror in Eli’s eyes is exactly what he is trying to forget.

Everybody Burns is a story about two men falling in love. Except, one doesn’t think he is capable of it…

And the other doesn’t think he deserves it.

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