Today I am so pleased to welcome Hurri Cosmo to Joyfully Jay. Hurri has come to talk to us about her latest release, Roman – Demon Rising. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Let’s talk about Black Sands

Black Sands doors locked for the last time over seventy-five years ago. A high chainlink fence went around it soon after along with a bunch of “NO TRESSPASSING” signs and “DANGER” signs designed to keep people out. But it never did. Not kids anyway. Spooky and eerie, teenagers could not resist trying to get a glance inside. But even when it was operating, there was always something evil about it. If one could get close enough, they would hear the wind moaning around the turrets. But was it the wind? Maybe it was the demons that were rumored to now reside in the shadows.

Abandoned Industrial Buildings

Or maybe it was the ghosts of all the people who had died there, very badly, within its walls.

Staircases in an abandoned complex, hdr processing

Even the once beautiful president’s office, with its impressive view of the river, was messy and ugly.

And there, right across the corridor from that office was the great hall. Burned and unrecognizable as anything “grand”, it sits in silent reverence to the dead. However, if one were to look closely, are those demon eyes staring back at you?

Dark industrial interior of an old building


I belong to a Demon Lord. His name is Roman. He’s tall, strong, has dark hair, a deep sexy voice and, let me tell you, absolutely f-ing gorgeous. Yep. I even wear his ring. Third finger, left hand.

Except – its’s not a wedding band. Far from it, actually. It simply means I’m his submissive.

Well – it doesn’t really mean that either, although I wish it did.

No. The ring’s function is only to give me “sight”. Being human, once I had it on, I could suddenly see Roman’s stupid lost legions; very nasty scary things that would as soon kill me as look at me. And because I wear the ring, guess what? It’s now my job to recapture all those creatures for him. Yay me, right?

At least I get to be close to Roman… sometimes.

But, to tell you the truth, I was tricked into putting this damn ring on by Cathy, some random woman I met at a park, who unfortunately likes Roman, too. A whole lot. She brazenly flirts with the demon every chance she gets and right in front of me, too. Crap, it pisses me off. In fact, she brags she was the one who found me, got the ring on me and then offered me up to Roman like I was a T-bone steak or something.

Well – honestly – that part’s okay.

However, there’s something else going on. Something big. Because there’s another gorgeous Demon Lord in our little earth realm and he will stop at nothing to capture Roman’s loose legions for himself. Not only that, seems he’s out to capture me, as well. Not exactly sure why…

Anyway. My name is Micah and things just got… weird.

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Hi, my name is Hurri Cosmo and I am a happy ending junkie. I always have been. You can be pretty rest assured everything I write will have one. I am not big on angst. I believe we get enough of that in real life so when I go to read something, to make the real world go away for awhile, I will most likely not chose something that will make me cry.

So I write for those people who, at least occasionally, feel the same way. I’m okay with the fact I will probably never write anything “important” but I guess I will have to see where my imagination takes me. I would love it if you would come along.

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