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Length: Novel

Rhys Huntington is in Las Vegas to get married to his fiancée. He winds up married, but to his best friend, Lucien, instead. Rhys and Lucien have always been close and, while their relationship has mostly been platonic, there was that one time years ago that wasn’t. An annulment seems like the next step, but Rhys isn’t so sure he wants to give Lucien up.

Lucien doesn’t let himself think about that kiss he shared with Rhys as a teenager. He has locked down those feelings in fear that he could lose Rhys as his best friend. But now they are married and all of those feelings are right at the surface. The chemistry between the men is real and they might be lucky enough to have their best friend and husband be the same person.

Bet on Love starts A.F. Zoelle’s new series about bad ideas gone good. It’s a fun, light premise and the story is mostly that as well.

Rhys is in Vegas to get married. His family is wealthy and his fiancée is only interested in Rhys’ money. It’s another story of the terrible girlfriend and, while they are out there, it gets a little old to read about. Rhys’ fiancée was so nasty to him and portrayed as so loathsome all around, even with family pressure, you had to wonder how Rhys stayed with her for three years.

The story is told from both Rhys and Lucien’s POVs and we are given a good sense of their friendship and their early attraction that they both pushed down so far until they thought it wasn’t there anymore. However, both of their voices sounded too similar for me and, while I liked how they talked about their attraction and what the next steps should in their relationship should be, it became repetitive hearing it from both of them one chapter after the next.

The attraction is heated and Rhys and Lucien have no problem making up for lost time once the fiancée is handled. The story then moves to a sweet, sexy, and fun story. Until…well into the book, too far into the book, there was “the misunderstanding.” And really, for where they were in their relationship and for how well these two knew each other, it made no sense to me. So there’s quick, shallow drama drama drama and then it’s cleared up just as quickly with a couple sentences and that affected my enjoyment of the book too much.

At the end of the book, the author states that there are nine books planned in this series. A.F. Zoelle is a new author to me and while certain elements of this book didn’t work out for me, I would certainly look into other books in the series for the possibility of lighthearted fun.

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