Rating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Roach lives with his father, his brother, and the rest of the Rabid Hyenas Motorcycle Club. His life is small and brutal and filled with violence and his father does everything he can to crush Roach beneath his boot. When Zane arrived to play guitar for the night, Roach was captivated at first sight. But when Zane tried to pull one over on Roach, the club descended on Zane and he will never forget the torture and beating he endured that night. But Zane not only survived, he took revenge that same night and burned them all to the ground, all except for Roach.

When Zane returns to town to finally enact his final revenge, things don’t go as planned. Zane can feel Roach’s pain and he bleeds when Roach bleeds. And when Zane is injured, Roach screams in pain. Now the two men are stuck with each other until they can figure out how to separate and Zane will use Roach for all he can get out of him. But Roach wants Zane more than he wants his next breath and for Roach, Zane is hope where he never had any. Roach isn’t as eager to lift the curse, even if it means the end for both of them.

I have read a couple of books by K.A. Merikan, although it has been a while. The blurb for Feel My Pain sounded enticing, so I decided to try again. I like dark books and characters that aren’t always on the moral high ground, but I am going to call it and say that these authors are not for me.

There wasn’t anything I liked about either man, and flawed and violent characters still need some intrigue to keep my interest and that did not happen here. Roach lives a sad life of all kinds of abuse in the motorcycle club that his father heads and he knows there is only one way out. When he first sees Zane, he is enchanted by the sight of the man, but Zane is only looking out for himself and an entire chain of events get set in motion that neither can take back. Zane is blinded by revenge and he blames Roach for everything and it takes him a long time to even consider where Roach is in life.

The hook of this book is supposed to be that Roach and Zane are connected and feel each other’s pain and if one is hurt or cut, the other will feel pain or bleed. It was a little interesting when they first realized this, but as they try and figure out what is going on, they encounter more bland characters and there is never a solid explanation to be had. Both guys have lots of issues, but it just felt like more piled on instead of character development or growth and I wasn’t sold on their relationship all of the way through.

If you already know you like these authors, that may then be a reason to check out this newest offering.