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Length: Novel

It’s been about six months since Finn and Marcus got together and things have been pretty quiet with Finn’s vampire stalker. After he got the letter letting him know the vampire was watching him, Finn was on high alert, but nothing much as happened and he is trying his best to get back to normal life. Marcus and Finn’s father, Orin, still want to keep Finn in a bubble, but he is determined not to let this evil vampire rule his life and keep him from living.

Finn and Marcus get called into a new case when a body is found in the river and a vampire is suspected to be the killer. When that leads to a second murder by seemingly the same culprit, it appears that something more serious is going on. As the men dig further into the case, it becomes clear that things are somehow connected back to Finn and Marcus.

Finn refuses to live his life scared, but he also knows that they face a threat bigger than even Marcus can handle. Now Finn and Marcus must fight with all they have to solve the crime and stop the bad guy if they hope to escape with their lives.

How to Elude a Vampire is the second book in Alice Winter’s excellent Vampire Related Crimes series. It picks up about six months after the first book and things seem to be getting back to normal for the guys. Of course, it is not too long before the danger resurfaces from a variety of fronts and the guys are back fighting for their lives. There are bunch of suspense threads here that keep the story exciting and twisty and I really enjoyed following along here as more secrets are uncovered. As much as this is a funny book (and it is), I think Winters does a wonderful job here bringing gravity to the story as well. I could feel for Finn as he lives in constant threat from his stalker, and yet wants to try to have a normal life as well. He struggles with his family wanting to keep him in a safe little bubble and needing to have some freedom. The idea of this constant threat, hovering over him, just built a lot of intensity to the story. Marcus also struggles, not just with his fear for Finn, but also the idea that he can’t protect him. Marcus is used to always being the strongest one in a situation and we can really feel his pain at not being able to protect the man he loves. So there is a lot of great suspense and emotion to this story I really loved.

From a personal end, I continue to love Finn and Marcus. Finn has his big, bad vampire wrapped around his finger and Marcus couldn’t be happier about it. The story has Winters’ trademark humor and banter and there are some great moments between them. We also get some fun scenes with Karsyn, the guys’ police coworker, who clearly has a soft spot for Finn despite himself. And we also meet another vampire, Claude, who becomes a part of their little gang, and the interaction among all of them is really fun. There were a few times I was ready to get back to the action, but mostly I really loved the relationship dynamics among this group and the way they both love one another and give each other a hard time.

If you enjoyed Vex a Vampire, you are not going to want to miss this follow up. Things tie up really nicely and it kept me guessing the entire book. It was a total thrill ride and I loved watching it all come together. I am glad to hear that even though a lot is resolved here, there is still more to come for this series. I am definitely looking forward to it!


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