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Quoitrel is the sheriff in North Leland and he is concerned about a new business being opened by Daisy, an Eastern Pack omega and transplant to the city. It seems Daisy is interested in opening a bordello in town in the spot where the old one was closed down. While Quoitrel will quietly admit that he did visit the old bordello on occasion, he also knows that it is not something North Leland wants in their newer, more progressive and omega friendly city. The omegas working at the bordello often had no choice and it was not a safe place for them. Quoitrel, who finds himself drawn to Daisy right away, is more than willing to protect the omega so he doesn’t need to resort to prostitution.

However, Daisy is quick to clarify all of Quoitrel’s assumptions. Daisy enjoys sex, enjoys sex work, and is perfectly able to take care of himself. His new bordello will be staffed only be omegas who want to work there and Daisy will not tolerate anyone who threatens or disrespects the omegas. And while Daisy definitely doesn’t need Quoitrel to mate him for protection, that doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in getting to know Quoitrel better personally. Daisy does worry that Quoitrel may not be able to handle his job as a sex worker, but Quoitrel is surprised to find he is not jealous at the idea of Daisy having sex with others; in fact, it kind of turns him on. Quoitrel knows that while Daisy may be entertaining clients for work, when he comes home, Quoitrel is the one he wants in his bed.

Things seem to be going great, both with Daisy’s new business and with their relationship. However, trouble continues to brew in the Northern Pack. Not all the other packs are happy with the way the way the Northern Pack has has become more liberal to omega rights — and not everyone in the Northern Pack is happy about it either. Not to mention that some rival packs are angry that North Leland is giving sanctuary to their runaway omegas and war seems to be looming on the horizon. With Prince Devin as the alpha’s rightful heir, no one wants to see power change hands if Alpha Marta is threatened. Now, just as Quoitrel and Daisy are finding happiness together, they will need to step up and help the Northern Pack fight off the threats if they will have any chance for a future together.

Omega Redeemed is the sixth and (I believe) final book in the Omega Reimagined series. As with all the books in this series, Omega Redeemed takes on an interesting relationship dynamic with Daisy and Quoitrel. In this case, Daisy is a sex worker and the pair have an open relationship. This goes contrary to the possessiveness we usually see in omegaverse alphas, and also showcases a unique side of Daisy in the way he can handle himself against dominant alphas who try to give him a hard time. There is a bit of fun here as Quoitrel’s immediate instinct is to step in and protect. He can’t conceive of any reason why Daisy would want to do sex work other than having no alternatives. He wants to protect Daisy and take care of him and solve whatever problems Daisy may have. I appreciated that Daisy is quick to clarify that he does not, in fact, need Quiotrel’s help. He enjoys his job, he’s good at it, and he can handle himself. And then we see him do just that. Despite his initial concerns, it doesn’t take Quoitrel long to get on board. I really liked these guys together. There is a playfulness to Daisy that does some good for the more formal Quoitrel. And I appreciated the way that Quoitrel embraces all of Daisy and accepts him for exactly who he is. Obviously, this isn’t going to be the book for you if you are not comfortable with sex work or open relationships, but I really enjoyed their dynamic and their story is fun and sexy.

This book also ties up the series arc related to Alpha Marta and her successor. We have long known that getting Prince Devin on the throne would be a disaster, but the only way Angel can succeed his mother is to challenge and kill her. So the situation has been in limbo for a while now and here we finally get a resolution. Things are forced to a head when threats heat up from neighboring packs who aren’t happy with the way Northern Pack is dealing with omegas. The story does tie back a bit to Owen and Omega Returned, so it is nice to be familiar with that book, but not necessary. We get some excitement here and a nice culmination of the overarching storyline from across the series. I think things resolve well and it feels like nice closure for the series. We also get some quick visits with some of the other wolves we have met and it all comes together nicely.

Overall, this was a really enjoyable installment that gives us a great relationship in Daisy and Quoitrel, as well as a nice wrap up for the series. If you are a fan of omegaverse stories and are looking for a series with a different spin and some unique pairings, definitely check this one out.

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