Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

Severn’s heart and mind know that he is a demon. He’s still a demon, right, even if no one can see it from the outside? Living a life of deceit for these past ten years has been difficult, but worth it. It’s all worth it for the revenge he is going to enact. He has played his part perfectly and the time has come.

Guardian angel, Mikhail, is Severn’s target, although Mikhail doesn’t know that he is Severn’s enemy. It’s said that angels don’t process emotions, but Mikhail knows he can trust Severn as Severn has proven to be someone Mikhail can rely on. But Severn isn’t interested in watching Mikhail’s back, he’s only interested in finally stabbing it.

But fate has other plans and as Mikhail and Severn become linked in unimaginable ways, lust and love claim them. Angels and demons have been batting for as long as anyone can remember, but Mikhail and Severn now have to navigate their hearts through unprecedented times.

All it takes with some authors is hearing they have a new book coming out and Ariana Nash is one of those authors for me. When I learned she had a new release, it didn’t really matter what the book was about, and while angels and demons are not usually my go-to, Nash made them soar to the top.

I’ll tread lightly with this review as it’s best going into this book with only a basic knowledge of what is really going on. Little reveals happen constantly throughout the story and each one is a revelation.

Mikhail is a guardian angel. Not all angels are guardians and when Mikhail became one, he lost his emotions as you can’t have an emotional angel in battle they say. He holds all the power, he is respected and revered, and he thinks he can trust his inner circle. Of course, there wouldn’t be story if that was the case.

Severn is who Mikhail turns to and who Mikhail trusts, but nothing and I mean nothing about Severn is what Mikhail thinks he sees. Angels aren’t supposed to want physical relationships, as an emotional angel is a dangerous angel in battle, but Mikhail has always known he feels something for Severn, until fate steps in and they absolutely cannot keep their hands and minds and bodies off of each other. The chemistry between these two is everything you want as a reader, but there is never a doubt that there will be many extreme obstacles for them to face. There are many layers to the deceit that goes on here. Some things you can see coming, but that doesn’t make it any less impactful when the characters experience it and when their enemy becomes their lover and then their enemy once again.

This series, at this point, is less violent than Nash’s Silk and Steel series, and the main characters also spend more time together here, and having Mikhail and Severn on page together is the highlight to this series. Nash is an extremely talented writer and her world building and character development and story arcs should be added to any reading list. This is a continuing trilogy and there is no ending here and I know the next installment will not only be worth the wait, but will certainly deliver.

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