refuge at clifftopRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Ryan, John, and Holiday are happily settled in together, especially now that they are all publicly fighting on the same side as superheroes Beacon, Sundown, and Sorcerer. The relationship between the three men is wonderful, but Ryan is starting to worry about Holly. His powers are continuing to grow into almost mythical proportions. His abilities are unpredictable and his limits are unknown. Ryan worries about how it is affecting Holly, and a tiny part of him wonders if there will be a point where Holly grows past his need for Ryan and John.

When the men are called in to try stopping an earthquake about to strike, the situation grows dangerous quickly. Suddenly, John’s life is on the line, and Holiday may be the only one who can save him. But with the scope of his powers still unknown, Holiday may end up sacrificing himself to save the man he loves.

I am a big fan of superhero stories and so I was delighted to stumble upon the Extraordinary series. I had thought there might be only the original two books, but I am excited that K.L. Noone has released one more (with hints there are more to come). This is a really fun series featuring an age gap between John and Holiday, a former enemies to lovers theme, and a little bit of Dom/sub kink. There is a nice playfulness to the stories, but also an intensity and depth to the connection among the men.

I don’t want to get into too much detail about the story, but Ryan worries about what is happening with Holiday’s powers. They just keep growing and getting more unstable. Part of Ryan fears that as Holiday begins to connect with the world in different ways through his abilities, he may outgrow his desire for Ryan and John. Holly is still a tiny bit uncertain when it comes to his lovers, as he still feels guilt and responsibility for his past evil ways. So as the story starts, we can feel the love among the men, but also some issues that they need to address. Before things can get resolved, however, a crisis hits and then sort of snowballs. Noone does a great job building the intensity here as the men worry over one another and fear losing each other. There is a nice depth here that balances well with the fun superhero trope and the sexy connection among them all.

The story leaves us in a great place and I could read on and on about these men happily. I am eagerly waiting for more for John, Ryan, and Holiday.


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