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Length: Novel

Gray is a bit of a criminal. He and his crew steal vehicles, but it’s not all bad. They are stealing these cars from uber rich people…think Bugatti…as revenge for wronging them or others. Gray’s uncle, Declan, owns a personal security company. Declan wants to hire Gray for a job guarding a former actor. It’s not exactly what Gray was wanting for his life, but he takes the gig.

Jameson (aka Justin Sweet) is a former child actor turned huge action star. He hated that life, and now he just wants to be left alone in his mansion in Connecticut. He’s constantly hounded by paparazzi, fans, and untold numbers of silly tabloid rumors. His only friend is Dee, who knew him before he was famous, and it still dedicated to him. Jameson calls Bad Boy Security because he’s tired of being the target of so much negativity.

When Gray shows up at Jameson’s door, there is an instant feeling of attraction. Still, Jameson is in the closet. SO far in the closet, he may just be in Narnia. It doesn’t take long for the men to begin to fall for each other. However, when things get tough, Gray and Jameson must test their budding relationship while on the run. What’s going to happen when their adventure is over?

Stealing Pretty is the second installment in the Bad Boy Security series. I enjoyed the first book, Guarding His Heart, very much, so I was excited to read this one. I was not disappointed. I really liked it. It was fun read that was smooth and compelling and I was caught up from the beginning.

Gray was introduced in Guarding His Heart and I just knew he’d be excellent in a story of his own. Ok, so he’s a criminal, but he has a good heart, loves his family, and has strong relationship with is two best friends. I love how much he respected his uncle Declan and wanted him to be proud. Another positive? Even though Gray was sort of a tough guy, he was a true softie on the inside. He admits liking Jameson’s action movies and is a little star struck. I found that to be sort of adorable.

Jameson was so sympathetic. I felt so sorry for him at the beginning. He stays out of the spotlight on purpose, hating the way he’s under so much scrutiny. I fell in love with his character right away. I wanted to reach through my Kindle and hug him. One of his best qualities is, even though he has so much negativity going on around him, he’s still a very nice guy. He does reunion appearances for his old, immensely popular, television show as a favor to his co-star. When he and Gray meet, Jameson invites him in for a beer and chats with him. I loved the way the author put so much thought into him. He was well fleshed out (Gray was, also.) and felt like a “real” person. I could see him in my mind as if he were sitting in the chair next to me.

The love between Gray and Jameson was delightful. It starts as a nice friendship, but heat built quickly. They flirted a bit, but when Gray told Jameson he thought he was hot, all bets were off. I know I’ve used the word “adorable” already, but that’s exactly how I think they need to be described. I know I’m not really giving anything away when I say they went on the run to escape the mess Jameson’s fame creates. That part of the book was fun and sweet and there were quite a few laughs. Their relationship took center stage through the whole thing. When their love turned sexual, Gray was so gentle with Jameson. For a little while, all they did was kiss and touch, with some heavy foreplay, but when it was Jameson’s first time? While it wasn’t all hearts and wildflowers, it was perfect nonetheless…romantic and sweet, with Gray taking his time with Jameson to make his first time memorable.

When the ending comes around, it was as expected, but it was still awesome. Gray and Jameson definitely get their Happily Ever After, and I loved every bit of it. I am going to highly recommend this book to everyone, especially if you like bodyguard stories. It’s fast. It’s fun. It’s a great read! I can’t wait to see what comes next from the series.

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