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Length: Novel

Luke is a dancer in love with his choreographer, Marcus. The problem is that Marcus is already happily partnered with Liam. Liam who is gorgeous and accomplished and much more perfect for Marcus than Luke could ever hope to be. That doesn’t stop Luke from wanting Marcus and it is just too painful, especially as it is clear that Liam knows about his feelings. So Luke has decided that with his dancing career winding down anyway, this is the right time for him to leave and start the next stage of his life and go back to school.

Marcus knows that Luke wants him, and in truth, he wants Luke in return. The two have fallen for one another over the years they have worked together and the attraction is fierce. What Luke doesn’t realize, however, is that Liam is totally fine with the idea of Luke and Marcus getting together. The couple have had three-way relationships before and Liam welcomes not just the idea of Luke and Marcus acting on their attraction, but also exploring his own attraction to Luke.

At first, Luke is wary. He is worried about being the third wheel to Liam and Marcus’ existing relationship. Feelings are also only starting to build between him and Liam. But the chemistry among the three of them is fierce, and once they act on it, it is even harder to stay away. Now Luke has to decide if he can believe in what Liam and Marcus are offering. If he is willing to take a chance, it could bring all three men the happiness and connection they are seeking.

Third One is the third book in Roe Horvat’s sexy Those Other Books series. While Adam and Christoffer from Adam Only do play a side role here, this story stands alone and you could jump in here without having read the other books.

The story is interesting in that we jump in partway through the journey. Liam and Marcus are an established couple and their connection is very strong and clear. While Marcus and Luke are still dancing around each other, it is also obvious that they have a strong connection and that both men want the other. The only relationship that we really see grow from the beginning is the one between Luke and Liam. Sometimes I think it can be hard to enter a story with so much of the relationship already having occurred off page, but I do feel like it worked here. I think Horvat is successful in really showing those already established connections and I had no problem having missed the early days. I think the real crux here is between Luke and Liam, as their connection really will determine if this whole threesome works. While Liam is confident, Luke is more wary, knowing he is the “third one” to the other couple’s longstanding relationship. So I think there are some really interesting relationship dynamics here as the three men try to see if they can establish a three-way connection that is as strong as any of the individual couples.

As I mentioned, this is a sexy series and this book is no exception. There is a lot of sex and a lot of heat. What I like is that the sex really is a way of showing and building the relationship among the men.

The way they made love was an extension of their conversations, just as substantial. They communicated in sex, though sex, and the connection felt impeccable.

The way Horvat builds the sexual relationship into the emotional one allows the author to create a story with a lot of heat, but also a believable romantic partnership among the men.

So I really enjoyed this story and think it is a nice addition to the series. If you enjoy sexy books and triad dynamics, particularly with some already established relationships, definitely check this one out.


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