Story Rating: 4 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Michael Dean
Length: 8 hours, 25 minutes

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Teo has been in love with his best friend, Chris, for as long as he can remember. All he has ever wanted is to be with Chris forever, and Teo can’t see that Chris has been stringing him along for years. Thinking he needs a little more experience, Teo places an ad to get that experience. One night with a stranger; no strings, no names.

Teo was awestruck when Jack walked into the hotel room and now Teo can’t get the man out of his head. Jack was everything Teo needed, but Teo knows it was only that one time and he has no way to get in touch with Jack again, anyway. However, it seems that Jack will be put right into his path as Teo boards a plane and the familiar, good looking man is the pilot. But even if Jack doesn’t want a relationship and Teo is hung up on Chris, a romance between the two of them may just take flight.

Virgin Flyer is a stand alone from Lucy Lennox and overall it is an easy story that falls on the sweet side. Teo has been in love with his best friend, Chris, forever and has been saving himself for Chris, while Chris continues to date and string Teo along. This leads to Teo placing an ad so he can get his first time finally over with as he thinks if he has more experience, Chris will finally see forever with him. Jack travels a lot as a pilot and has no interest in being tied down, so one night with a cute guy is perfect for him.

The chemistry between Jack and Teo is immediate even for the one night. When the men run into each other again, they both just want to be able to see each other and the plan is for Jack to be Teo’s fake boyfriend to make Chris jealous, but Jack is the one that becomes jealous. Teo and Jack are both easy to like and they are both sweet and caring, although Teo falls on the naïve side of things. Teo wasted a lot of years waiting on Chris and Chris kept offering empty promises time and again. Teo got sucked into it all only to remain close friends with Chris when Chris was completely selfish and wasn’t presented with having any redeeming qualities.

Jack fought against wanting a relationship and that went on too long for me. The men enjoy each other physically, but think they are in a fake relationship for just about the entire book. It took way too long for them to acknowledge their feelings to each other and I would have liked more time where they didn’t think that the other was pretending. Still, this is a sweet story with a romantic ending.

Michael Dean (formerly known as Michael Pauley) narrated here and I do like his voice and I have listened to most of, maybe all, of his performances. His audios are effortless to listen to and it is always clear which character is speaking. He puts appropriate emotion in as needed and it’s easy to lose yourself into one of his narrations. Now I do understand that narrators can only have so many voices, but I have reached the point where each of Dean’s performances sound too similar to the ones before. The male characters all blend together and the female characters all sound exactly the same to me. It then becomes more difficult for this audio to stand out from the others, but on its own, it’s a great way to enjoy this book.

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