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Graham Allen is an omega in the Martingale pack. He has a very regimented life in the conservative pack, where omegas are second class citizens and only useful for working to support the pack. Graham is the pack cook and he enjoys the job, but the long hours and limited resources are draining. But Graham knows there is not much more the future holds for him given his status in the pack. 

When his best friend, Hannah, comes to him for help with a baby in tow, it’s clear the pack isn’t a safe place for her. Graham knows that Asher Martingale, former pack alpha, has left the pack and now lives in Colorado. Graham had a crush on Asher as a young wolf, but he doesn’t think the man ever even noticed him. Graham doesn’t know what else to do other than flee with Hannah in hopes that Ash will be able to help. 

Ash was forced out of his pack eight years ago for being gay and he has no desire to have anything to do with them again. But when Graham, Hannah, and baby Paige show up on his door, Ash will do anything to protect them. The Kismet pack has always been nontraditional and Ash is happy to take in the omegas. 

Ash finds himself drawn to Graham right away, and while he is a little unsure of himself, Graham seems to return the attraction. Ash enjoys showing Graham all the wonderful things he has missed in his sheltered life, and Graham shares his love of cooking with Ash and his friends. It seems that Graham is settling into both the pack, and his place by Ash’s side. But the Martingale pack isn’t so happy about seeing Graham go, and they are willing to do just about anything to bring him back into the fold… 

Wolf Found is the second book in Sam Burns’ Wolves of Kismet series and gives us the story of the second of the three alphas who founded the pack. Like Wolf Lost, this story focuses on an omega in peril, but I appreciate that both stories show us that the omegas have a lot of  internal strength of their own. In this case, Graham has been sheltered and brought up in a very conservative pack with limited rights. So it takes him a while to adjust not only to the outside world, but also to life with freedoms and people who actually care about what he wants. There are some sweet moments here where we see Graham really revel in being treated kindly and the appreciation he gets for his contributions. But despite his background, Graham is much stronger than his former pack believes. I liked watching him come into his own here.

This story also focuses on the Martingale pack and gives us some background both on Graham’s life there, but also Ash. We learn more about what made Ash leave, as well as see him reflect back on how privileged his life was there compared to other members. Through the Martingale pack we get a nice juxtaposition of how differently the Kismet alphas are running their own pack. 

The relationship between the men is both sweet and sexy. Graham is a little unsure of himself at first, uncertain whether Ash would remember him, or even really give him a second glance given their difference in status. Their relationship grows fairly easily though once both men accept the other’s interest. I liked them together and found them an enjoyable couple. 

The story also gives us some hints of what is to come for Gavin, the last unpaired alpha from the Kismet pack. It definitely intrigued me and I am eager to get to the last story (which recently released). 

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