small favorite booksHi everyone! Happy Favorites Day!

Well, what a crazy month it has been! I never expected we would have an April quite like this, but here we are! I am finding some people are tearing through books during this time, while others are lacking a little reading mojo. But hopefully our list of favorite books for the month will give you a little lift, and some good ideas for what to read next.

Here are our favorite books from April. We’d love to hear yours in the comments!

Jay’s Favorite Books

Michelle’s Favorite Books

Sammy’s Favorite Books

Sue’s Favorite Books

Kris’ Favorite Books

Veronica’s Favorite Books

Camille’s Favorite Books

Kenna’s Favorite Books

Elizabeth’s Favorite Books

Valerie’s Favorite Books

  • Semper Fi by Keira Andrews (audiobook by John Solo)