Today I am so pleased to welcome Aimee Shaye to Joyfully Jay. Aimee has come to talk to us about her release, The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 1). Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


I am bringing full transparency to Joyfully Jay. The Broken Daughter (The Cursed Kingdom Book 1) is my first novel since I went on a two-year hiatus in 2018.  Life has been a mental and emotional rollercoaster for me. I suffer from anxiety both social and emotional. To be on the computer for hours on end promoting myself while working a full-time job and figuring out marriage was taking its toll on me. I had to cut back on something, so I decided to cut back on the most time-consuming thing: writing. I decided to go back to school to earn a second master’s degree. This time I went back for me, because it was something I needed to do. My original plan to earn a bachelor’s degree in English was turned upside down and I ended up earning one in psychology to get me on a fast track to my master’s in Education which I obtained in 5-years, but I still felt empty. Now that I’m getting a second master’s in Creative Writing and English Literature, I’ve been happier than I’ve felt since my wedding day!

Out of that two-year hiatus blossomed a beautiful novel known as The Broken Daughter which features a wide array of believable characters. The heroine who does not need a man to save her. The hero who wants to be there for the heroine out of friendship. The best friend who comes in the guise of a lovely handmaiden. Then, there are twists and turns. Characters whose backstories and romances will be developed in the following novels. I hope you grow to love them as much I do!


What little men were in the room, Drystan included, pulled out the women’s seats and exited alongside them. Only one stayed back.

“King Drystan, a word?”

“Of course, Lady Braya, is everything alright?”

“How is Jorlyn? As you know, I can only send our contact to her, we cannot meet in person. But is she well?” Her eyes ached for her wife whom she could not be beside. She knew her duty well, but to have Jorlyn so far away and unable to make contact other than through notes and quick whispers through a third-party in the forest, made it hard to stay focused on the matter at hand: protecting Queen Aymeri. She had confessed as much to Drystan and Queen Ismana when they asked her permission for Jorlyn to go on this mission.

Drystan smiled at the concern Lady Braya held for her wife. “She is doing well. She and Aymeri have become confidants since the Queen’s murder. She makes her laugh often, as Aymeri always feels like crying.”

Lady Braya’s features changed from concern to sadness; water swam behind her beautiful, vibrant eye. “I know what it is like to have a mother who was murdered.” Braya tightly closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and took a deep breath. “Did she witness anything?”

Drystan shook his head. “The poor girl found her mother dead.”

Braya touched her hand to her heart, whispered a few words in a foreign language, and kissed two fingers. “May the gods smile fortune upon her. And what better companions than you and Jorlyn! May the gods keep you all safe in that treacherous castle.”

Drystan inclined his head to his sister-in-law. “Thank you for your kind words.”

“I will have the assassins at her castle by the day after tomorrow.”


Long ago, magic filled the land of Dramolux. But one sorceress delved too deep into the dark magic and tainted the creatures inhabiting the land. In an effort to save all the creatures, a noble sentinel locked the dark magic away. For generations, the magic was kept by the sentinels, passed down to the queens who ruled the sentinel kingdom. Until one day, the newest sentinel queen is murdered and all the magic is released back into the world. It is now up to her daughter, Princess Aymeri–who has no knowledge of what she truly is–to recapture the magic. But another dark sorceress is coming to claim the magic, to wield it herself in an effort to take all of Dramolux under her control. The odds are against Aymeri but she must prepare to battle or die fighting for the survival of her people.


“I am many things but normal is not one of them,” says Aimee Shaye when asked to describe herself. She is a novelist whose genres include Fantasy and some of its subgenres and Romance. When asked what drives her, Aimee says: “The world around me. The people I know. The love I have gained. The pain I have endured.” Aimee has experienced many things that she believes no one (man or woman) should ever have to endure, and as a result of that, she has turned her pain into liquid words that fill the pages of her books, novels, novelettes, and short stories.

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