Today I am so pleased to welcome Bryan T. Clark to Joyfully Jay. Bryan has come to talk to us about his latest release, Far Away. He has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Bryan a big welcome!

Bryan has written some questions and answer to share with us today. 

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

I guess finding the time to just write. There are so many other components to being an author that takes you away from actually writing. I find that when I can get in a couple of days in a row just to write for five to six hours, that’s when it just starts to flow naturally. I know when this happens because the characters are talking and doing things faster than I can write them down. When I can get to that spot, it’s heaven.


Where do you like to write, what is your routine?

I am very much a routine kind of guy. I’m usually in the office by seven-thirty with my second cup of coffee. I like to read emails, connect with fans and take care of the business end of things before opening up the creative part of my brain. When I do start to write, I need it quiet, just me and my characters. My office is located on the second floor of my home towards the very back of the house, so I hear very little of what might be happening in the house at any given time. I can write for about an hour at a time, taking breaks to stretch, eat, and deal with things that have to be dealt with in the moment in the house.


What inspired you to write?

I don’t know, I guess it comes from my love of reading. As far back as in high school, I was reading fiction with a gay character as the main character. In fact, Patricia A. Warren, the author of the ‘Front Runner’ was likely the first author I read with a gay character. Then I found Gordon Merrick. He was a dream come true as he had fourteen books already published, just waiting for me. I read them all, back to back, I couldn’t get enough. If you haven’t heard of him, start with his novel, ‘The Lord Won’t Mind’, hands down, my favorite. I remember learning so much about the world through his writing. I want people, when they read my books, to have an experience, to fall in love, to be enriched somehow by what I’ve written.


What’s a story that you are biting at the bit to tell?

My own story.


What’s next?

I am always polishing my next novel and have several in the pipeline. I want to put out some contemporary romance novels that deal with some hard issues within our society, but keeping it entertaining for the reader. I want to keep enjoying doing what I do!


What did you do before you became a romance writer?

I was in law enforcement. Specifically, an Internal Affairs Investigator for the bulk of my career. The last couple of years before I retired, I switched over and did Background Investigations on all new Officers coming into the department.


First love can save you … and ruin you …

Eighteen-year-old Noah Rothenberg spent the perfect summer with his first love, the charming and seductive Spiro. He fell head over heels in love from what started as a clumsy crush.

But that was twelve years ago. His relationships since have been spectacular failures because of how things ended with Spiro. If he has any hope of moving forward, he needs to find Spiro and get some closure … even if he has to fly halfway around the world to do it. Too bad he instead finds himself falling—again—for the man who ruined him for all other men.

Love isn’t an emotion Spiro Papadopoulos entirely trusts anymore. He’s far too pragmatic for that. His focus these days has to be on his art and caring for his ailing mother. Being with Noah again is easy and feels so right … but is it love? Spiro isn’t sure. Besides, with his entire life being tied to Greece and Noah’s to New York, love might just be a luxury neither of them can afford.

Can Spiro and Noah overcome the oceans and years between them—or will their second chance at love end as badly as their first?

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Bryan T. Clark is a multi-published award-winning author of gay romance, and contemporary books.

In his early in life, Bryan learned that he was different from everyone else in his world. As a young African American boy, he was the second to the youngest of seven children. Long before hormones kicked in and the realization of same sex attraction, it was his light skin and blond hair that made him different from those around him. Teased within his own race for being lighter than everyone else, the kids on the playground called him “Cornbread”.

As a writer, Bryan has taken back the power once given up to those schoolyard bullies. He is committed to bringing his readers stories of real life, with multicultural characters, riveting plots, and where the underdog always wins. He is the founder of Cornbread Publishing: the name empowers him and is a constant reminder that life can have a Happily-Ever-After.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Bryan and his husband of thirty-six years has made their home and life in the Central Valley of California.


Bryan has brought a $25 Amazon gift card to give away to one lucky reader on his tour. Follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. 

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