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Length: Novel

Sawyer has lived his entire life at the Cape, and the town and the Sea Sprite motel are everything to him. He has no interest in living anyplace else and has big plans to renovate the old property, but he doesn’t have the money. When James, a lawyer from NY, comes to buy the property for a client, Sawyer is devasted as he watches his plans crumble. But James is easy to watch and, although he represents everything Sawyer has to lose, Sawyer can’t stay away from him.

James has worked hard for the career and the life he has, yet his social life remains unfulfilled. The job securing the property at the Cape should have been like all the others, except this assignment comes with Sawyer attached to it. Sawyer is younger than James and James knows getting involved with Sawyer will only lead to heartache, but he’s drawn to Sawyer each and every time he sees him. With Sawyer now having to rearrange his future, maybe there is room for the two of them to look to that future together.

BTW follows along with the After Oscar series, where the books are connected by one of the MCs being an ex of a character named Oscar. Sawyer and James’ story takes this series to a romance where city guy meets small town guy and, if you read a lot of romance, you already know from that description how it will end. However, it was enjoyable getting there.

Sawyer loves living close to his family and working at the inn that has been in his family for generations. He has big plans for it, but not the money to make it all happen, and his uncles that he shares ownership with are ready to sell for the windfall of money offered to them. James had to make his own way and he did that with a Yale degree and a high paying job. His work consumes him as he tries to fit in and stay ahead, but he begins to wonder if it really is the best fit after all.

The attraction between the men is instant and heated from the first glance and from the first meeting. The guys know they have found the one, but there is a lot standing in their way. The emotions of the relationship do move quickly, but I was okay with that here and, while there are a few small misunderstandings, they move on quickly as the guys want to be together. If you have been following this series, this book is also a lot less OTT than the previous ones, which worked much better for my tastes.

There is a shift in Sawyer’s circumstances from chapter one to chapter two and it wasn’t explained well until later in the story, causing the beginning of the book to become off balance for me just as it was getting started. Also, for the series being named for Oscar, I still feel that he is not part of the stories enough. He was a little more visible here with texts to James, but overall, I would have liked to see the intrigue of him built up a little more before his book, which will be the last in the series.

BTW is a story framed around a familiar set up and, for readers of this series, it’s an easy-to-read addition that takes us one step closer to finding out more about Oscar.

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