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With Bo now training to take over Walter’s job as the head of the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, Lucky is stuck training rookies. When Loretta brings him her suspicions about what looks like a human trafficking case, Lucky is eager to help her investigate and take down the potential bad guys. He is less excited when he learns that his nephew, Ty, has been taking some sort of unidentified pills he got from school. Even worse, it seems that tons of other kids are taking them too and no one actually knows what they are. As Lucky digs further, it becomes clear that there is something much bigger going on with both the trafficking and the high school drugs. It means going a bit off book to investigate, something that Lucky excels at, but that doesn’t always work for the more rule following Bo. But Lucky is determined to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

On the home front, Bo and Lucky are trying for a baby with Charlotte as their surrogate. Lucky never imagined himself even having a partner, let alone a kids. Now he has his sister and nephews back in his life, a lifetime love with Bo, and hopefully a baby on the way. But so far Charlotte has had no luck getting pregnant. However, Lucky and Bo are it for each other, and with any luck, they will soon have the growing family they both want.

Decision is the latest book in Eden Winters fabulous Diversion series. As I have said many times, this is one of my favorite romantic suspense series and Bo and Lucky are among my favorite couples. I have been thoroughly enjoying the books and have also been going back to listen to them in audio. For me, the two hallmarks of this series are the unique perspective on the drug trade, and the really engaging main couple in Lucky and Bo. Here, we once again get a case that focuses on prescription drug fraud and we can see the ripple effect in the way that what may seem like a small crime has a far reaching impact. By the time the story is over, it has touched on so many issues and it is a really fascinating web as all the pieces come together. In the early stages of the story, I did at times find it a bit hard to follow as all the pieces are laid out, but Winters really pulls things together well and it is another exciting and really interesting case.

I love the way Bo and Lucky have grown over the series and how they are sort of moving to the middle, with more straight-laced Bo bending the rules a bit and the renegade and mostly anti-social Lucky becoming more friendly and easier to work with. Here we see the conflict with Bo in a new position of responsibility, but we also see the way he is willing to push some boundaries a bit. A lot of this story focuses on Bo and Lucky’s dream of starting a family (and oh how far Lucky has come since the first book!). Things come together so sweetly here. I just loved seeing Lucky’s heart melt and the way he opens himself up to not just the idea of a child, but also recognizing the extended family that he has somehow built without realizing it. There is a really lovely moment with Walter and his wife when we can see how very like a parent Walter has become to Lucky. The ending is so sweet and it really brings things together nicely for Lucky and Bo.

So Winters has given us another great installment of a really engaging series. I am really excited to see where things go next.

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