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Length: Novel

Raiden works as a bodyguard and he’s got a new assignment. He figures it’s going to be easy work. Lawrence, a young, wealthy, party boy, wants someone to watch over him when he’s out dancing at the clubs. It’s not as easy as Raiden thinks, however, as Lawrence’s every move is being watched.

Cash works for a mysterious man who wants to use Lawrence as leverage against his father and the company he works for. Cash isn’t exactly thrilled with his newest assignment to watch Lawrence. As it turns out, however, Lawrence’s father is part of a corporation Cash’s been trying to bring down for years.

Eventually, the three men begin working together to find out what’s happening with Lawrence’s father, his company, and the man who hired Cash. While they’re working, there is a chemistry between them that cannot be denied. They are attracted to each other and finally give in to their passion. The men know their relationship is unusual, but it works for them. The question is whether they’ll be able to survive their investigation, solve the case, and make their loving menage work after all is said and done.

I’ve been with the Bad Boy Security series from the beginning and I’ve really enjoyed them. They’re relatively fast reads with a lot of action and intrigue, and Double Down is a nice addition. I really like the characters here. Raiden was living a life that wasn’t very good for him…even if is a good man. He was serious about his job and wanted to make his boss proud. Lawrence isn’t the usual “poor little rich boy.” He despises his father, and his father doesn’t approve of his “lifestyle.” Lawrence has two trust funds and a salary. Even though he’s a party boy, he’s not living off this father. In fact, he actually gives away all that money. Cash, even though his “job” isn’t exactly on the up and up, is single minded in his pursuit of bringing down the company for good reason. All three of men have good hearts, even if it doesn’t always show.

The author is excellent with writing detail, everything from the clubs Lawrence patronizes, to Cash’s home. Also, I’m always impressed by the underlying mystery of each story and, in this particular case, it makes a connection between Double Down and the first book in the series, Guarding His Heart. Truthfully, I didn’t see it coming, and as soon as I read that, I was so tickled. I love it when two good stories come together. This is excellent work by Cayden.

I’ve mentioned the mystery in the story several times. I found it to be interesting and rather timely. It was almost a case of “Come for the romance, stay for the mystery.” Obviously, a lot of research went into creating a web that catches everyone who comes into contact with it. It was compelling. I was never bored or tempted to skip ahead. I’ll tell you, it’s a little deeper than you’d imagine from reading the blurb, and that is AWESOME! I wound up being pleasantly surprised several times. I loved how each man (especially Lawrence) was able to get past preconceived notions about the others and find their strength individually, as well as the three of them together in their romantic relationship.

Once I read through the story, the ending was expected, but still great. I really liked how all three stories were able to come together. The feeling of family is very strong here, and that’s terrific. I’m not sure if there will be any future installments of the Bad Boy Security series, but I can guarantee, if there are, I will happily read them.

A little PS here. While this is the third book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. However, I honestly recommend you start at the beginning, especially because books one and three become tied to each other. Plus…they’re just good books.


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