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Deacon is a long-distance truck driver. He’s only home a few days a month, but when he is home, he’s welcomed by Kit. Kit doesn’t necessarily mind Deacon’s schedule. He’s not seeing anyone else, and he doesn’t want to tie Deacon down.

Now, Deacon is home for another visit and Kit greets him enthusiastically, even though he’s been having some back pain. He figures he tweaked a muscle and has been lying on a heating pad and taking some ibuprofen. There comes a point, though, when that’s not enough and, in a whirl of pain and confusion, Kit gives birth to a beautiful baby boy in his living room while waiting for paramedics. Needless to say, both men are shocked.

Their lives are now in chaos. Suddenly, Deacon’s not sure if he wants to spend so much time away from his family, and Kit doesn’t want to force Deacon to stay if his restless spirit wants to be on the road. Can Deacon and Kit figure out what’s best for them and their son? Or will misunderstandings get in the way of their happiness?

I really enjoyed this story. Inexplicable is the second book in the Roanoke River Omegas series. I liked the first book, Conceivableso I was excited to get my hands on this. I think this is a great addition to the series.

The author has a real knack for taking a relatively short book and filling it with the perfect amount of character development, dialogue, detail, and a satisfying ending. Take Deacon and Kit. From the first page, their chemistry is fantastic. In fact, the book begins with a real bang…if you get what I’m saying. It’s obvious the men have a history, but it didn’t take chapter after chapter to describe that history. It was done in a few paragraphs, but I was still able to grasp their relationship fully. Deacon and Kit are good men who love each other very much. Their lives are just different.

What I liked most is the way Deacon and Kit talk and relate to each other…in and out of bed. The dialogue is nicely written, and there’s is quite a bit of humor. For example, after the baby is born, Deacon is finally able to come see them:

“I thought Jory said he was beautiful. He looks like a wet gremlin,” he blurted in blank surprise, then braced himself for a punch in the nose.

Didn’t happen. Kit was laughing again, eyes raised to the ceiling. “I’ve seen your baby pictures. You didn’t look any better.”

To me, that’s funny and adorable.

There are a few misunderstandings here. I wouldn’t necessarily call it conflict, though. This is a unique situation for Deacon and Kit. Imagine living your life as usual, and being thrust into parenthood…no warning, no crib, no baby stuff, and no clue what they need to do. I thought this was interesting. I’ve read about several women who were pregnant and didn’t know until they gave birth, so I know it’s a real thing. This is the first time I’ve read it in a fictional way.

There are a few background characters who play a role in the story. Deacon has a brother, Marshall, who is supportive of him. Kit has a good friend in Zane and, of course, there has to be a bad guy and Ferdie is an insufferable jerk. He made my blood boil, and it was lovely to see him get his comeuppance.

The ending came as expected, but it was sweet and made me feel good. It also set up what will be the third book in the series. It was obvious, but the set up was cute, and I’m excited to read it.

I highly recommend this one. Even though it’s possible to read Inexplictable as a stand alone, some characters do cross over, so I think it helps to read Conceivable first. It will help you understand who’s who. Also, it’s a good book on its own. Grab them both and enjoy!

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