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Length: Novel

Eddie and Bishop are an unlikely pair, or are they? Their relationship was a secret, but their love was real. One moment, one night, and one bullet took it all away. Bishop now carries the memories and he watches Eddie and waits for Eddie and yearns to be near him again. When Eddie sees Bishop again, he feels a connection and a pull that he cannot explain. But Eddie doesn’t remember everything and, if he does remember, he may wish he didn’t.

Remember Me is one of the best books by Avril Ashton that I have read and I have read a lot of them. The blurb doesn’t give away details and that is the best way to read this book. The beginning of the book is designed to keep you off balance as the pieces come together to form the complete picture and I was so invested in finding out what was going on.

When the book opens, we see Bishop stalking Eddie. Bishop knows exactly what he is doing and he can’t stay away. Bishop has an addictive personality and Eddie is his drug and Bishop’s pain bleeds out all over the page. Eddie’s mind doesn’t remember Bishop, but his body and his heart do, and Eddie knows that the role he feels currently forced into doesn’t fit, but he can’t remember what’s missing.

The book then twists and turns on and around itself and, at times, I started to feel like there was more to the story somewhere else. But Ashton weaves this one together so well as hints of history take on more shape as the book progresses and the entire picture becomes clear in a world of gangs and violence and betrayal.

The chemistry between Eddie and Bishop is all consuming and intoxicating and the need they have for each is a live wire. They are hot and dirty together in the best of ways and, if you like the feeling of being pulled completely into a story and being right alongside the characters, this is that book.

Remember Me is the second book in the Dread and Terrible series and, while I did read the first one, it was years ago and this book works fine on its own. Bishop has an extremely close crew that are family and we have seen some of them before and will see some of them again. If you have read Ashton’s earlier series, you will see other intriguing characters from past books appear here and, if you are familiar with them, it’s great to see them, but if not, there is enough history laid out to work perfectly. The dialogue also flows naturally and adds a smoothness to the story and makes the characters feel all the more real. This book does have many typos in it and a strong proofread would only enhance it further.

The less that you know about this book the better. Bishop and Eddie are not only explosive together, but the story around them is an exciting mix of secrets and betrayal, lust and love. There is a hint of what is to come for this series at the end of the book and my anticipation is high to read about all these characters.

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