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Length: Novel

From a young age, Ben Corbin grew up with his uncle, never knowing what happened to his mother and knowing nothing about his father. When his uncle is murdered, Ben finds information about the deaths of both of his parents, as well as a whole society Ben knew nothing about. This leads him to search for a man named Marcel, whom Ben is convinced killed his parents. But before he finds Marcel, Ben meets Jacob.

Jacob Moser was kicked out of his home at the age of 14 and was then preyed upon on the streets, falling victim to drugs and abuse. Just when he thought his life was truly over, he was saved by Marcel, a dark, scarred, exacting man that doesn’t seem human most of the time. Jacob is now loyal to Marcel, he wears his brand after all, and whatever Marcel asks for, Jacob will give.

Sam Waters is a high school freshman trying to find his feet, that is if the bullies don’t stop knocking him off them. Sam lives next door to Marcel and, in Sam’s darkest hour, Marcel subtly hands Sam a lifeline.

Anyone looking at Marcel Serghi will see he is a disfigured, older man, but he draws people to him. Marcel follows the rules of his House, Sicarii, and as a child, Marcel was designed to be the perfect killer. Marcel has no emotion left, everything is purposeful, and although he has made many enemies, he has changed lives as well. Ben, Jacob and Sam will forever be changed by knowing Marcel.

If you are looking for a fresh story that is full of intensity and eroticism and violence, with one lead character that is overwhelmingly intriguing, but conditioned to have a moral compass far from center with no regrets, and a book where the story builds as pieces are uncovered at the perfect pace, Sicarii is what you want to be reading.

Sicarii is one long book split into three parts and all the installments are currently available. Each part is around 200 pages, but these books went down so fast it was hard to believe they were that long. This is also another story that I can’t really say much about and going into it only knowing the basics made for a more intense read for me.

Marcel doesn’t remember his life before the House and the Rules and the Teacher that made him the killer he is. Marcel follows the rules and only kills those who have been gifted to him. His skills are razor sharp and Marcel is much more than anyone can see at first glance. Marcel is the character whom all the other characters revolve around and while all of their stories are different, they overlap and intersect. Ben and Jacob are a primary focus and knowing Marcel will forever impact their lives. Ben and Jacob, while their story is harsh, had that certain magic to them that added so much to this book.

While I was fully captivated and read all three of these books at a quick pace, the ending wasn’t fully realized for me. For Marcel to be as pivotal a character as he was, I needed to know much more about him and his world to fully settle things at the end. It’s the type of story that keeps its hold on you after the last page, but it was the unanswered questions that spoke to me the loudest at the end.

I enjoy that books by Adrienne Wilder offer a vast array of plots and each book offers something different. Sicarii edges toward the darker side and unravels its secrets at its own captivating pace. With intriguing characters and high intensity, it will be the next book you are unable to put down.

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