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Length: Novella

Jai needs a job to prove to his wealthy parents that his career choice is a viable one. He happens to land a job in the country of Korova as a private language tutor. Jai has no idea who his boss is until he arrives, and that boss is King Lukas III of Korova. Jai had seen photos of the king, but the man is glorious in real life and Jai tries hard to fight his attraction. But Lukas is kind and a good father and sleeping with his boss will only get Jai sent home.

King Lukas has been voted World’s Sexiest Head of State for three years in a row, but Lukas certainly doesn’t think about that. His life is the monarchy and his children and squashing any ideas he might have of being with a man. Not only is Jai his children’s teacher, but getting together with him would be an international nightmare. But the more time he spends with Jai, the more Lukas likes him and once he has a small taste of Jai, he only wants more. This could have disaster written all over it.

A little bit of record keeping to start this review off. The King and Jai is the first book in the Royal and Reckless series, but it is also a spin off from the author’s Love and Luck series, specifically the second book, Virtually Screwed. Jai is introduced there as he is friends with Owen and, while Owen and Blake from that book make a cameo here, this story will work on its own.

The King and Jai is a fast, easy-to-read book where you really need to be able to suspend all disbelief. Jai takes a job in the country of Korova as the tutor to the king’s children. He only knows he has been hired as a language tutor; he has studied many languages, but has no idea who he will be working for and he even wonders why he was hired as he does not have a teaching qualification. It’s never even disclosed exactly how he got this job, but Jai arrives in Korova.

Lukas is dedicated to being the best king he can be and he’s devoted to his children. There is initial hesitation from Lukas as he has pushed down any feelings of being gay since he was a teen once his father found out. But Jai is impossible for Lukas to resist. Jai fits seamlessly into Lukas’ world, the children adore him, and Lukas seems to have a reasonable amount of free time for a man that is king.

The relationship is easy between the men as they move from attraction and lust, to love and forever with little getting in their way and any obstacles were easily overcome. The set up is there for Lukas’ brother next and if you are looking for a light book with two men becoming a family, try this one out.

Currently this book is exclusive to the Romantically Ever After box set.

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