Rating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Chef Gregory Valteau has opened three restaurants in New Orleans, and all three have failed. Depressed, he finds himself at a bar drowning his sorrows. Not only does the bartender make amazing drinks, but Greg finds him to be incredibly hot. They have a chemistry that’s off the charts and, by the end of the night, Greg and the sexy bartender are seriously turned on by each other and agree to a hookup after the bar closes.

Tony Monaco doesn’t like to stay in one place; he’s in a new city every six weeks or so. He enjoys bartending, and his drinks are unique, creative, and amazing. Tony’s decided to move on from New Orleans, and this is to be his last night in the city. He didn’t plan on hooking up with the sexy chef he’s been making drinks for all night. However, he just can’t resist the charms (and hot body) of the man.

Never exchanging names –only calling each other “Manhattan” and “New Orleans”– Greg and Tony head to Tony’s place for a night of intense, incredible sex, but when Greg wakes up the next morning, Tony is gone.

Fast forward and, despite his misgivings, Greg decides to open another restaurant, and he knows exactly who he wants to manage and tend the bar. Going out on a limb, Greg places a personal ad, and even though it’s a longshot, Tony sees the ad and he decides to make his way back to New Orleans. Things work out very well. Greg and Tony work well together, but thanks to a pact to be professional and not be together, the sexual tension is overwhelming. One night, their passion explodes, and Greg and Tony begin their smokin’ hot sexual relationship. Neither of them are realizing they’re falling in love until a miscommunication between them may ruin everything.

This is an excellent novella! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It was sweet and sexy (very, very sexy) with two lovable MCs with chemistry to spare. I liked the story as a whole as well. I’m really into romances that take place in and around restaurants, so this was perfect for me.

Greg and Tony were both great characters. Neither was a “bad guy” who needs to be redeemed. They were just two nice men at a crossroads in their lives. Their flirting was charming, and I really liked how it all revolved around food and drink. It was quite the sensuous conversation. Also, Greg and Tony are very forward with each other. They both know this is a one night hookup and nothing more. However, it becomes obvious they realize they would be great together.

LOVED the idea of the personal ad. Believe it or not, in all the books I’ve read, I haven’t come across one. This one was adorable, and it (obviously) did the trick.

Dear Mr. Manhattan: We met nine months ago at a bar in New Orleans. You were the too cute hipster behind the bar. I was the out-of-work chef acting the Virgin Mary with my too big hands. You blew my mind with your cocktails, then you rocked my world and started it spinning again. I’ve got a gig for you. Dram, Bywater, New Orleans. Come drink with me. Yours, Mr. New Orleans

The author really knocked it out of the park with that. Who could resist it? Speaking of the author, Layla Reyne’s got an excellent style. Everything runs smoothly. The story is told in the third person, but the chapters go back and forth between Greg and Tony. I was never confused and it was clear exactly who was being featured every time. These are natural conversations, not formal or stilted. Thanks to that, I felt as if I would like to be friends with these people.

Now, I don’t want to give away the whole story. It’s pretty straightforward though, from their meeting at the beginning to their HEA at the end. I was completely satisfied and (I know I used the word already) charmed. It seems to me this may be a series, and I hope that is truth. I highly recommend The Last Drop to everyone.