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For the last eight months, Miles Parker has been dating Gavin Lloyd, but it seems like every time things move forward with the men, Gavin pulls back. Miles would give up, but he can tell that Gavin is interested. However, he isn’t sure what it will take for things finally to settle between them. Gavin lives with his found family in a big house all together, and Miles would like nothing more than to be part of that group, yet it seems like as much as Gavin likes Miles, he still keeps him at a distance.

Gavin does like Miles, very much in fact. But Miles is human and Gavin is a pack alpha and he has no idea how to balance being a wolf and leading his pack with having a human boyfriend. Gavin wishes he knew for sure how Miles would react to the news that Gavin is a wolf, but Gavin worries that Miles will freak out, or worse, that he will tell others. So as much as he cares about Miles and wants him in his life, Gavin isn’t ready to fully move forward with Miles.

When Miles in investigating a report of a missing child during a snowstorm, he ends up crashing his car and getting serious injuries. Lucky for him, Gavin isn’t far away and he is able to rescue Miles and they find shelter from the storm. That is just the first step in events that end up changing Miles’ life, and opening him up to the world of wolves he never knew existed.

Even once things are going well with Miles and Gavin, there is still a lot that leaves Gavin unsettled. He worries about the missing child, one who he is sure is a young wolf. He also still struggles with the weight of his own responsibilities and the expectations others have of him as a wolf leader. Gavin has a lot of doubts about his ability to be the man they all need. But Miles and the Kismet pack believe in Gavin, and with their support, he may just find a way to believe in himself.

Wolf Reborn is the third (and maybe final?) book in the Wolves of Kismet series. The series focuses on three military buddies who formed their own pack, with one being a natural wolf and two being turned during a military mission gone wrong. The men are best friends and the pack lives together, so they all appear in each other’s stories and being familiar with past books will help here, but isn’t necessarily essential.

This story focuses on two key conflicts. The first is the fact that Miles is human and doesn’t know about wolves. It is clear that he and Gavin have a strong connection, but Gavin isn’t sure how to make it past that point where Miles must learn about wolves if they are going to get more serious. While we do miss the early stages of their relationship here, we have gotten tidbits along the way in past books. I didn’t have a problem with the pacing, as I feel that Burns does a nice job really establishing the feelings between the men. Things end up resolving here fairly easily, even as Gavin’s self doubts sometimes get in the way. But Miles is so sunny and sweet and he believes in Gavin, which helps Gavin believe in himself. There are some nice moments here where each are there to support the other when needed.

The second conflict relates to Gavin and his role as the head of the pack. He has never really understood why, with three alphas in the pack, he seems to be the one in charge. We know from Wolf Found that it is not just Gavin’s pack, but other wolves as well who see him as sort of a messianic figure. It means that Gavin feels a real weight of responsibility, one he isn’t sure he is able to handle. We get bits of background on Gavin’s upbringing to help explain his doubts, as well as learning more about what makes Gavin unique as a wolf. But I did feel that this portion doesn’t fully come together. For a plot element that has been playing out for most of the series, I didn’t feel we get enough answers or a full resolution to this issue, both in terms of whether Gavin really is this “werewolf Jesus,” as well as how he handles his own self doubts.

Overall, however, I think this story nicely ties things up in terms of these three men making a very non-traditional pack and somehow having it all work. I love found family stories and this series really develops that aspect well. As I said, I am not sure if this ends the series, but we get a nice resolution here and overall I found these books a fun omegaverse world.

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