Oz audio coverStory Rating: 5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.75 stars

Narrator: Joel Leslie
Length: 9 hours, 6 minutes

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As you all probably know by now (because I tell you every time I read one of her books), I am a huge Lily Morton fan, and Oz is probably my favorite book of hers. It is also the first book in her fabulous Finding Home series, also my favorite series she has written. So between those two things, you know I was itching to get my hands on this audio, especially with narration by the wonderful Joel Leslie.

For me, Oz is the perfect mix of Morton’s trademark humor and banter, with a warm and romantic story. I love the prickly Oz, who is tough and determined and has such incredible inner strength, but also a sense of vulnerability he tries so hard to hide. I love the way Silas’ kind gentleness brings out the best in Oz and gives him the confidence he needs during his more uncertain times. Oz is so feisty and fun. I particularly love his interactions with his friend, Milo, who is sort of a mix between scandalized and impressed with him. And I adore sweet Silas, who is that perfect mix of tender and loving, but also nicely sexy and wild (with a bit of proper thrown in). The men have such a great dynamic and I totally adore this story. You can read my full review of Oz here.

As with Morton’s Mixed Messages series (of which Finding Home is a spin off), the narration here is deftly handled by Joel Leslie. Oz and Silas have two very different accents and Leslie does a great job not only voicing the characters, but making them feel distinct. Silas’ brother, Henry, and his boyfriend, Ivo, make an appearance here, and their voices carry over nicely from their story, Risk Taker. And all the side characters work well and are easily distinguished.

One of Morton’s hallmarks in this series is the humor and Leslie brings the sense of timing that is so crucial in delivering these lines and making them work in audio. The snark and the banter blend perfectly with the softer, more serious moments. I feel in love with this book the first time when I read it, and now I found myself falling in love with it again in audio. I totally adore this story and highly recommend it in either format.