Today I am so pleased to welcome Kate Hawthorne to Joyfully Jay. Kate has come to talk to us about her latest release, Fearless. She has also brought along a copy to give away. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Hi everyone!

Big thanks to Jay for letting me pop over today and tell you a bit about my recent release, Fearless, Room for Love #4. Fearless is the 4th book in my Room for Love series, and Brad’s story is a *little bit* different than the others. His past has some trauma and he’s been working through it on his own, and after he finds out Theo has been peeping on him, the healing from that trauma takes a dramatic and unexpected turn.

Fearless has some good tropes tucked between the pages, voyeurism, hurt/comfort, a bit of a friends to lovers, and there is definitely a power exchange.

Next month will bring around the release of Room for Love #5, Limitless, which will wrap up my part of this wonderful world Elaine Lindsey and I have made in Cherry Creek. It’s been so much fun to get to know these brothers and I hope you’ve loved reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Now, enjoy this exclusive excerpt from Fearless. The book is out now and you can get it on Amazon –


Since then, his youngest brother Cameron had fallen in love, James had found someone to tolerate him, and then in the most surprising turn of events, his oldest brother, Charlie, had gotten himself married. That left him and Andy, freshly back from his travels around the world, together but alone.

But that wasn’t the whole truth.

Brad wasn’t entirely alone.

A shadow blocked the sun, and he blinked a few times, adjusting to the brightness of the day, even through the darkened lenses of his sunglasses. He knew who it was, though, even before his eyes focused.

“Theo,” he said.

“You’re gonna burn.”

“Hmn?” He pulled his glasses down the bridge of his nose.

“It’s been half an hour.”

“Has it?” He could finally focus on Theo, who stood above him with mid-length khaki shorts and a tight, white, short-sleeved, button up. He had a name tag pinned to his chest, and his arms braced on his hips.

Brad didn’t think Charlie had settled on a uniform for the staff, but Theo always looked put together. He was younger than Brad, but older than his youngest brother, Cameron. As far as Brad knew, he’d basically been born at the lodge. His mom, Margot, was essentially the general manager of the place.

When Brad and his brothers first moved to Cherry Creek, Brad had taken an instant shine to Theo, and they’d become friends easily. Theo was easy to like, quickly taking in Cameron, and Charlie’s husband, Eddie, as his friends. He was always there with a smile or a friendly thing to say. Theo was an asset for the hotel, and someone Brad had also become fond of. It didn’t hurt that Theo seemed to always know what was going on with everyone, too. Not just at the hotel, but in the town in general.

“You fell asleep, I think. You didn’t move for a bit.”<

Brad bit the tip of his tongue between his teeth. “I didn’t fall asleep.”

There were many things Brad did, but fall asleep anywhere besides his own bed, behind a locked door, was not one of them.

“Well.” Theo shrugged. “Just saying.”


Theo Bruster has a bad habit.

You could call him attentive or observant, and you would not be wrong, because Theo has always liked to watch. Growing up in a hotel has given him an exciting and easy life, but he’s ready to put some space between himself and the only home he’s ever known.

But sometimes when you’re not looking for anything, you find something, and Brad and Theo are about to learn that the hard way.

Brad has secrets that not even his brothers know, but he finds himself opening up to Theo and trusting him in ways that are new to them both. The relationship that develops between them might be unconventional, but under Theo’s watchful eye, Brad can re-gain control and for the first time in his life, be fearless.


Born and raised in Southern California, Kate Hawthorne woke up one day and realized she had stories worth sharing. Now existing on a steady diet of wine and coffee, Kate writes stories about complicated men in love that are sometimes dirty, but always sweet. She enjoys crafting hard-fought and well deserved happy endings with just the right amount of angst and kink.

From estate sale shopping to shoe worship, there’s something in at least one of her books that’ll tickle your fancy. Visit her website at</a


Kate has brought a copy of Fearless to give away to one lucky reader (gifted through Amazon, US only). Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Friday, June 26th at 11:59 pm ET.

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