Today I am so pleased to welcome Rebecca James to Joyfully Jay. Rebecca is here to talk to us about her latest release, Winter’s End. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome! 


Hello, readers of my shifter series! If you have stuck with me this long, you must love m-preg and be able to stomach multiple viewpoints, lots of drama, and erotic love scenes. These characters have become very dear to me, particularly River/Josiah, Leo/Sam, Grey/Ian/Gabriel, Duncan/Canaan, Milo/Justin, Xavier/Christopher, and David/Jax/Brooks. Recently, a dear reader was kind enough to write to me and tell me how much she loves the books and characters, and how she reread Ripples of Threat while in the hospital. Letters like that mean so much to me as an author. Never be afraid to tell that author you love their work—believe me, they want to know.

I know, it has been a while since I have come out with a shifter book. I have released almost the entirety of my Hedonist Series in the meantime. Why, you ask? Well, I started out my writing career with a publisher because I was not ready to be on my own. Doing all the formatting, editing, uploading, covers, etc. myself seemed insurmountable to me at the time, and frankly, I cannot believe I do it all today! While with the publisher, I wrote all of the River Wolf Pack series and then branched off into two spin-off series: Cascade City, following Josiah and their small band of friends; and Angel Hills, following the five omegas and two betas who left River Wolf Pack for Grey’s pack.

The problem was the two series run parallel to each other, and I was writing them simultaneously. When I got to the point where I had one book left in each, I just stopped, faced with the fact I had to wrap up both series and the entire arc with the correct timeline. By that point, I had finally begun publishing on my own and wanted the rights back to all my books. Once this was accomplished, I wanted to re-edit everything, and I needed major help with wrapping things up while writing the final two books.

Enter my fabulous proofreader and sounding board extraodinaire, Jill Wexler. Jill is equal parts excellent beta reader and snarky nitpicker, and she has been helping me wrap up these two series. With Winter’s End, I wrap up the Angel Hills series, although a few characters will appear in the final Cascade City book, which I am currently writing and hope to have out this summer. Just know the entire story arc wraps up with the Cascade City book, not with Angel Hills. I appreciate all the readers who have stuck by the three series and waited for these final books to come out! I hope you enjoy them!

Note: There is a possibility I may write a coyote shifter series following Crow and Foster to the Mojave pack. I am undecided because there are so many other things I want to do, including ending my Hedonist series and starting another, as well as trying a new shifter series with bears or lion shifters. Let me know what you think! Join my Facebook group, subscribe to my newsletter, and/or leave me a comment on my website, which is new,


This, the third and final book of the Angel Hills series, follows characters introduced in the first two books. This series must be read in order for complete understanding and enjoyment. However, reading the River Wolf Pack or Cascade Cities series is not required.
Dangerous and debilitating illnesses among the omegas of Angel Hills Pack cause concern for pack alpha Grey and his long-time beta mate, Ian. Grey must decide if he’s willing to let their omega mate, Gabriel, take the antidote offered by the human doctors in Cascade City or risk never allowing the omega to reproduce again.

Angel Hills Series:

Book 3 – Winter’s End
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Book 1 – Omega Arrival
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Book 2 – Ripples of Threat
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Rebecca JamesRebecca James loves writing MM romance with a little angst but always with a happily ever after.

Rebecca James lives in the southeastern United States. She’s married and has three children, a dog, and a bunch of cats.

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