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Felix Lee is the new boy next store and Liam Gladstone is sure he’s going to become a disruption. First, there’s his adorable puppy that has the tendency to steal Liam’s attention whether he wants to give it or not. Then, Felix insists on doing sexy yoga in the backyard, directly where Liam can see. And along with all of that, Felix seems determined to break through Liam’s natural gruffness. If Felix wasn’t so handsome, it might almost be more than a man can bear.

At first, annoying Liam is just a bit of fun, but Felix quickly realizes there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to his neighbor. Despite Felix’s grumpy façade, Liam can’t help wanting to take care of Felix and, truthfully, the idea of that appeals to Felix as well. As the two begin a new relationship, they’ll have to contend with Felix’s career and the reality that the idyllic world they’ve created can’t last forever.

A Boy Made of Sunshine was a sweet story with some lighter BDSM themes and a whole lot of Daddy kink. It isn’t going to be for everybody, but I think if you’ve wanted to try a Daddy/boy book, this could be a good one to consider. The BDSM isn’t super hardcore and the Daddy/boy themes are confined primarily to the bedroom.

Felix and Liam are well suited to one another, though they could have used a bit more fleshing out. They’re far from caricatures, but especially with regards to Liam’s background, I think additional information could have only elevated his character. He’s a retired cop and there’s clearly a story there, but more time could have been spent building out this part of his character out. Felix and Liam work as a couple and, despite their age difference, they have a comfortable rapport that added to the overall depth of their relationship.

I do think the romance moves too quickly, as Liam and Felix barely know one another before they jump into kink. Which, of course, happens often enough in real life, but the author created a level of intimacy between Felix and Lee that doesn’t seem believable given the short amount of time they’ve dated. So this gives their relationship a slightly uneven feel that meant I couldn’t fully connect to them as a reader. This doesn’t completely undermine the book, but it did detract from its potential.

The writing is decent and I give the author credit for moving the story along on a consistent basis. A Boy Made of Sunshine doesn’t lag and usually reads as purposed in its storytelling. While the plot is pretty ordinary, both the characters and the development of their journey gave the book some real weight, which I appreciated.

A Boy Made of Sunshine is a fairly enjoyable book. I’m not generally a fan of daddy/boy kink, but it works well enough here and only occasionally feels a bit heavy-handed. The BDSM is pretty light so I think most readers will probably find something to like here, especially if the daddy/boy kink is something they’ve been interested in reading more about.

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