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Lucas Beaumont is an FBI agent who’s been assigned to work the Hell’s Gate serial killer case in Lancaster Falls. Sure, he wants to find out who the murderer is, but he’s got an ulterior motive. Lucas’ grandfather, suffering from Alzheimer’s, was once in love with a woman who disappeared and Lucas wants to see if he can get closure for Grandpa Toby.

Josh Baker owns Lancaster Falls’ hotel. He lives there with his son, Harry, and he’s just trying to keep his head above water. To supplement his income from the hotel, Josh has a little…side job, and it occasionally crosses the line into illegal territory.

When Lucas checks into Josh’s hotel, sparks fly right away. There’s an obvious attraction, but Lucas is caught up in the investigation, and Josh is nervous about his extracurricular activities being discovered. However, the chemistry between them cannot be denied. Can their relationship survive Lucas’ anger over Josh’s side hustle? And when the unthinkable happens with Josh and Harry, will Lucas be able to get past his personal feelings and be the savior they need?

I have been with the Lancaster Falls series from the very beginning. I am not kidding you when I say it’s one of my favorite series, ever. They’re well written, character-driven books that follow a single mystery through all three. Right off the bat, I’m going to tell you that you must read the previous installments (What Lies Beneath and Without a Tracebefore you jump into All That Remains. Otherwise, you will be hopelessly lost, and trust me, you’ll want to be up to speed so you can fully enjoy this third and final book.

So, with that out of the way, let me tell you about Lucas and Josh. Both characters are strongly written. Lucas wants to do a good job and help find the Hell’s Gate killer, but he’s got an ulterior motive. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it could get him into trouble. Speaking of getting into trouble, Josh has something going on that could not only cause him to lose everything he loves, it could cost him his relationship with Lucas. I found both men to be likable, especially Lucas. I wanted to hug him and tell him he was doing the right thing.

The action and mystery take off right from the beginning. There’s no time for Lucas to get his bearings in Lancaster Falls. It begins with a dog and a hand and BAM! We’re off and running. Without giving anything away, I can give you a bare bones description of what’s happening. Bodies have turned up in a sink hole. The police, and now Lucas, want to know who they are, and why they’re there. Pretty simple, but…not. I love how the author was able to weave an obviously well researched crime story that held my attention for an entire series. Never once did I consider giving up. I was sucked in, and continued to be until All That Remains let me out of its grasp.

There are plenty of background characters who play important roles here. Also, there is some crossover scenes with the MCs of the first two stories. Lancaster Falls residents are quirky, nosy, and often amusing. I will also say, I think the town itself could be considered a character because it’s just so important to everything that goes on within it’s boundaries. I love how the town’s PD is willing to have the FBI come onboard because they need help. I found that be refreshing because so many books (and movies and tv shows) portray a contentious relationship between the offices.

The final third of All That Remains is exciting and fast paced. However, it doesn’t go too fast. I was completely enthralled. Every single piece of the puzzle came together perfectly. There’s a when and why to everything. I have to confess, I didn’t realize who the killer was until just before the big reveal. This is a huge nod to the author because I almost always figure it out by the middle of the story. After that, things tie up rather neatly. I was pleased and very satisfied. It was well worth the wait. I must say I’m sad to see the Lancaster Falls series end. I enjoyed every single thing about it, and I’m going to miss all my “friends”.

I highly recommend this series. It’s one I’ll revisit…even though I already know whodunnit. The books are just that good.

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