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Length: Novel

All Grant wants is a boyfriend who doesn’t run off screaming “monster” as soon as he sees him in his true wolf form. Thinking Dave, his latest boyfriend, might be the one, Grant ignores his best friend Lee’s advice and transforms—then watches his boyfriend run away. Lee, in his snarky vampire way, tries to console Grant when hours later Grant is the star of Dave’s media posts calling him…a monster, of course. Heartbroken, Grant agrees to go on vacation with Lee to a week-long event being hosted by his clan.

Stuck in a hotel room together, Grant fights against his real feelings for Lee. Meanwhile, all Lee seems to talk about is Grant getting laid and getting Dave out of his system once and for all. As tension builds between the two friends who now find themselves fighting off their growing attraction to each other, a series of events, one more dangerous than the last, clue Grant into the idea that someone means to do harm to Lee. With help from an unusual source, Grant must discover who the threat is before Lee becomes their next victim.

Jacqueline Rohrbach dips into the paranormal genre with ease in her latest release, Come on, Get Lucky. Longtime friends, Lee, a vampire, and Grant, a wolf, feature in this comedic mystery story that is peppered with sarcastic dialogue, genuine affection, and a lethal killer who likes to glamor his victims and then expose them to the sun. The action mostly takes place in the last third of the novel and I must admit to finding the beginning half a bit slow for my liking. There just seems to be an awful lot of the same kind of reaction from Grant—wondering what is wrong with Lee, but oblivious to all the signs that the guy is so obviously in love with him.

To Grant’s credit, Lee does a fine job of hiding his affections under a mountain of sarcasm and glib one liners. Still, everyone around these two can see what Grant fails to understand for far too long. The other bit in this book that left me a little more than puzzled is the interaction with Marcus. I can’t say much about this character or what happens between he and Grant or I will give away some key plot elements, but suffice it to say, I found it really odd how Marcus went about “testing” Grant. I enjoyed the fact that Marcus’ background turned out to be a rather big surprise, but when he explains to Grant why he kept it from him, I thought the reasoning to be a bit unbelievable.

I did love the latter third of this novel as it finally brought Lee and Grant together just as the killer showed his hand. Who the killer is turned out to be a shocking reveal. This portion of the book finally revealed the kind of work I am used to seeing from this author—a sharper story all the way around. There is action galore, imminent threat hanging over the heads of the newly confessed lovers, and a delightful side story about a rabbit who ends up missing out on being a tasty snack for Grant. In the end, Lee and Grant and their shenanigans saved the day for me. The action at the end is satisfying and the happy ever after spot on.

While Come on, Get Lucky might not be the best I have seen from this author, it is a fun paranormal romp with a twisty finish that delivers in the end.

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