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Jamie is visiting his friend in New York and has plans to return to his home in England soon. On a night out, he spots Shay Kelly, who is exactly his type, and the men share an amazing time together and part ways in the morning. Jamie is also meeting his biological father on this trip and when his father, Blake, introduces Jamie to his best friend, Jamie already knows him intimately, as it’s Shay.

Shay is content being single and enjoys various one-night stands. He doesn’t often do repeats, but he can’t get Jamie off his mind. Having no way to contact him, Shay never thinks that Jamie will turn up to be the son that Blake didn’t know he had.

The men have to set some rules first as they continue to share a bed, including that they know it’s temporary and they will keep it between them. The last rule is that they won’t fall in love and, since both men have no interest in that, they think that will be the easiest one. Although there was a reason fate introduced them in the first place.

This is a fun, light book with easy banter. Crazy Little Fling builds off of the Love & Luck series and overlaps the same time frame from book two in the series. It then makes for better reading if you have at least read Virtually Screwed. Heath and Declan from book one, Fake It ‘til You Make Out, are also present here, as well as Shay’s large family and all of the storylines do build on each other overall.

I really like when the chemistry between the MCs is evident right from the start and that’s what we get here. Shay and Jamie are hooking up from the beginning and the early part of their relationship is continued hookups. They know there is an end date, as Jamie will be going back to England, and they are planning on enjoying the time they have. It all becomes more though. To follow along here, Blake and Shay are best friends. Blake is dating Shay’s youngest brother and Shay is now hooking up with the son Blake never knew he had. What I like here is that when the truth comes out, the men are genuinely happy for each other.

There is a large age difference between Shay and Jamie, but that factors little into their relationship and it’s natural to see how they will work together. A lot of things are easy in this book as the man fall in love quickly, but it’s the kind of love where everyone sees it before they do. But this one worked for me and I could see them together even when huge life changes had to be made. Some things were a little too easy, such as a changing of guardianship for Shay’s cousin and then one character relocating to another country

Shay is the oldest of eleven children and they have group family texts that are entertaining to read, easy to follow, and give insight into all of them. The focus here though stays on Shay and Jamie mostly as they bring the sweet and the heat and it’s the type of story you can breeze through. There was an incident with one of Shay’s family members toward the end of the book that is not resolved and then the epilogue moves the time forward. While that could show up in another book, it felt unfinished here. The epilogue also reads as a set up for future books. There is potential for a lot more books in this family and, while I appreciated knowing some hints for future pairings, Shay and Jamie did get a little lost in all that was going on in the end.

The Love and Luck series features a large family and group of friends that all overlap in some way. The books are light and Shay and Jamie added to the fun and I will look forward to the next book.

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