pieces of you coverRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Dallas Muller and his boyfriend, Justin Keith, have been together four years. They work together in the motorbike mechanic shop Dallas owns and live together above the store. Dallas and Justin are happy and in love, until one day tragedy strikes as Justin gets in a bad car accident that leaves him with severe injuries. Along with the broken bones and serious head injury, Justin also has amnesia with no memories of the last five years… including Dallas.

Dallas is devastated when he hears about Justin’s accident and all he cares about is being by his boyfriend’s side. Realizing Justin doesn’t know him, doesn’t remember anything about their lives together, is crushing for him. But Dallas is determined to be there for Justin every step of the way. Even as part of him is terrified that Justin will reject him, Dallas is at the hospital day in and day out, sitting with Justin, helping him navigate his treatment, and getting to know him once again. But as the weeks pass and Justin’s memories don’t return, Dallas has to face the idea that the life they knew may be gone for good. However, there is nothing Dallas won’t do for Justin, and now he must just hope that with time, Justin will be able to put the missing pieces of his life back together.

Pieces of You is a beautiful, emotional story and N.R. Walker does a great job pulling together a non-traditional romance that really works. I figured when I read the blurb that I was in for something heart wrenching, and the fact that this book is the first in a series made me assume that things wouldn’t tie up neatly by the end of this book, and I was right on both counts. But this story is also sweet, romantic, uplifting, and really lovely.

With the exception of the very end, this book is told all from Dallas’ POV, which I think really works. We can see how much he loves Justin, how terrified he is when Justin is injured, and how heartbroken he is that Justin doesn’t remember him. But we also see how determined Dallas is to be there for Justin, to be his rock, even if Justin never remembers, or worse, that he decides he doesn’t want Dallas in his life. The story develops slowly as we see Justin’s incremental improvement day by day. I think the book could have felt slow in a lesser author’s hands, but Walker makes each moment so engaging, I raced through this novel in a day. It is a quiet story where the small victories these men experience feel huge, and I was caught up in the emotion.

As I said, this is the first in the series, so while there is progress, things aren’t wrapped up here, either with Justin’s recovery or with their relationship. But we are left in a good place, and I found myself very attached to both of these men by the end. I am very much looking forward to seeing what is next for Dallas and Justin, and can definitely recommend this story.