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Andrew Wen is finally doing something just for himself by running his own security firm. Despite his brother not liking the fact that Andrew left the force to start over, Andrew knows this is the right thing for him to do. Then a con, Isaac Ford, who Andrew helped put in prison, shows up at his house, ready to squeal on all the others who also made it out in the prison break that just occurred that same night. Before either man realizes it, they are in making out and suddenly life gets very complicated for both of them.

Fast forward to the present day and Andrew is losing clients left and right, all because of Ford who is now running his own security firm. When Andrew discovers that the young man he helped out in college is actually Ford’s son, the three of them team up to do a job that puts all of them in peril. Andrew slowly has come to realize he more than likes Isaac, and for the former master thief, the feelings are mutual. But things always go wrong in Isaac’s life—people always leave and he is waiting for both Dalton and Andrew to do just that. If he can capture the thief who is bent on ruining Dalton’s career before it happens, so much the better. As far as Andrew goes—well, that loss is going to be hard, but Isaac is sure it is coming.

Public Enemy, Undercover Lover is a delightfully juicy, age gap romance between two polar opposites who engage in a hefty dose of flirting, all wrapped up in a smartly written mystery. Where to begin relating to you how many elements in this story went just right? I think the pairing of Andrew and Isaac is just fantastic. And the best place to begin. First, the age gap is barely recognizable except when it comes to the bedroom, or the alleyway, or the conference room table—goodness knows this author wrote limitless venues for these fellas to get it on and oh my goodness is every encounter just a little hotter than the last. If you like a switch on who dominates, then this pair is for you. It made it so much fun to see them try to one up the other as to what they did and where they did it. It is in these scenes where it is obvious Andrew is younger than Isaac—primarily because Isaac often caves when Andrew begins pouting when things go to slowly. To be frank, it’s just really cute.

However beyond the plentiful sex, there is also a great story of two men who learn to let their guard down and allow love to creep in. The idea that they’re both afraid the other is using them for some devious plan makes it even better; there is always that little doubt niggling away at both Andrew and Isaac, which means they work that much harder to keep their distance. But that’s never allowed to fully come to fruit because Dalton, Isaac’s son, is constantly trying to get them together. Honestly, it’s downright cute how he manipulates them in nearly every situation in order to get them alone with each other.

On top of all that, there is the mystery of who exactly is breaking in to just about every firm Isaac is currently running a security assessment on. When it finally comes to Dalton’s own firm and his important research being stolen, things become personal and that’s when Andrew and Isaac join forces. I have to admit, I figured out who the culprit is before the reveal, but still it is exciting to watch as it all unfolds in the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I think this author just keeps getting better and better. I might have to move her to my auto-buy list after this one. Public Enemy, Undercover Lover is a fun, sexy romp of a mystery that delivers big time. I highly recommend it to you.

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