Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Quellcrist is one of the biggest movie stars around. He’s familiar with the tabloids and how they affect his life, but he loves Hale like no other. Quell is booked for the next year and, with Hale just starting out his career, they knew they would have to be separated. But their relationship is new and the men are unsure how to navigate being apart. Quell’s depression is eating him from the inside out and when he doesn’t know how to reach out, he loses the one thing that was keeping him grounded.

Hale knew the separation would be difficult, but he was committed to Quell and committed to making their relationship work. But when days turn into weeks with no contact, Hale has no idea what to think. All he does know is that the man he loves most has cut him off. But the men still have a project to work on together and between the hurt and the damage done is a true love. Now, Hale and Quell have to reach out and hold on with everything they have to be together.

Hale and Quell’s story started in Unscripted and continues here in Rewritten, the second in the Unscripted series. They met and fell in love and started the foundation of their relationship in the first book and this book would work better if you were familiar with that foundation as well.

The story picks up where the first one left off. Quell and Hale are committed to each other and spending some time alone together before Quell has to fly off to his next movie location. They are both in love with the other and know that they want to be together, but they both are hesitant with the other for different reasons. The book also has a current feel with references to how TMZ and social media affects the lives of the men. When a second book follows the same couple, there is often something that happens to break them apart. While the men are at different stages of their careers and have to travel extensively, a big factor here is Quell’s clinical depression.

Quell has been trying to manage his depression for some time. He has medication and a therapist that he trusts, but he misses sessions sometimes. He is constantly thinking and thinking about all the things that can go wrong and how Hale can’t possibly want a life with him and his thoughts become all consuming. Quell takes drastic measures regarding his relationship as he shuts down and closes off without any conversation. In order to understand Quell and how he reacts, you might either have to know someone like him or be someone like him. What Quell is going through might be difficult to read in a book classified as a romance, but Gray presents an accurate portrayal of a solid character in Quell as he spirals down.

The book is character driven and has a lot of dialogue and while the chapters are labeled with whose POV we are in, I had the same issue as in the first book that in a back-and-forth conversation it sometimes was not clear which character was speaking. I also would have liked if Quell’s use of marijuana was addressed more in terms of how it related to his depression and his treatment.

The men are committed to each other and Gray presents a love story that hits a rough patch, but the men work to make it last a lifetime. While they cause each other pain, the love they have for each other inspires them to rewrite their future.